Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson Talks His Sneaker Collection and Custom Suits

On the field, he’s a mega football star that plays alongside safety Justin Simmons and pro bowl player and linebacker Bradley Chubb. Off the field, he’s a style extraordinaire who loves wearing eccentric suits and growing his massive sneaker collection.

Ever since he was a kid growing up in Macon, Georgia, Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson has always had a passion for fashion. Jackson said he would beg his parents to take him to the mall to purchase the latest Jordans. He and his friends would also put together outfits for school because he wanted to be known as the best dressed.

Jackson wearing a jacket by local brand MENEZ.


“Sneakers were always something that I was into,” Jackson said. “I think that kind of also came from me being an athlete because I kind of carried that over into playing sports as a kid.” He said he would often buy a new pair of cleats or shoes to match his uniform.  

Today, his impressive sneaker collection is comprised of green Swarovski diamond-encrusted Nike Air Force Ones, Louis Vuitton Jordans, white Dior sneakers, and red-hearted black converse — and that’s just from the photoshoot he had with 303 Magazine

So, it’s no surprise that Jackson also is extremely attentive with his suits.  

 “I have a team of guys that I work with out of New York that does a great job and we kind of put our heads together and collab on things for the season,” Jackson said. “Sometimes, I do go overboard on my suit purchases, but I can’t help it.” 

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When creating his custom game day looks, Jackson starts with a color scheme and then depending on the time of year, decides on a fabric — heavier fabric for winter and lighter for summer. On occasion, Jackson also enjoys layering a trench coat on top. 

“For me, it’s all about how I’m feeling or where I’m going in that particular moment,” Jackson said. “On a day where we travel, I look forward to going into my closet and pulling out a nice suit.” 

Jackson said his style is very versatile and he prides himself in being able to style an outfit for any occasion. 

“There are some guys that don’t really care about putting on suits and I think that alone makes me unique in my style and my approach,” Jackson said. 

His fashion has certainly caught the attention of his teammates and coach. On game day, Jackson is often one of the last players to arrive and his outfits always receive a positive reaction.

“Usually some of the guys come in before the game and it’s started to kind of turn into ‘let’s wait and see what he’s coming with today,’” Jackson said. “I take pride in that because it goes into my performance.”  

His love for fashion has also led him to create two clothing lines. In 2014, Jackson launched a high-end lounge and streetwear collection called Fly Guy. He started the label when he had the opportunity to design caps for the Houston Texans, the team he was playing for at the time. Jackson created fitted and snapback versions. The name was inspired by wanting to feel and look good when getting dressed. 

“Everybody takes that last look in the mirror before they go somewhere,” Jackson said. “It’s a mentality and the way you carry yourself — just having that confidence.”

Though Fly Guy is currently on pause due to Jackson’s gruesome football schedule, he created ThriftStore Jack, another high-end loungewear brand specializing in hoodies. Originally, Jackson made hoodies for his teammates, and the fans loved it, so he launched his new brand. Come winter, he’s hoping to create matching sweatpants and expand more. 

“It’s so time-consuming to do clothing lines and I don’t have the time to dedicate to it in order to make it successful so it’s just something that I’m doing for fun right now,” Jackson said. 

Though his collections are on hiatus, his dedication to fashion is not. Through every sneaker and suit Jackson wears, it’s evident just how much he’s willing to push style boundaries.

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All photography by Roxanna CarrascoStyling by Ashleigh Perri and Kareem Jackson with items from his personal wardrobe collection and from local brand MENEZ