Parsons Xtreme Golf Opens In Centennial With Exclusive Collection Preview

All Photos By Shelby Moeller

Last Thursday, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) kicked off its first Colorado location with a star-studded grand-opening celebration. Featuring their latest innovations in golfing equipment and an exclusive preview of their upcoming fall and winter apparel collections, the evening served as Denver’s introduction to the up-and-coming sports brand, proving that they are here to do things differently.

Founded in 2014 by GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons, PXG has put innovation at the forefront since day one. An avid golfer, Bob Parsons sought to create golfing equipment geared not only towards the pros, but the everyman.

“We would not sell a golf club until it made a perceivable difference in his game,” explained Renee Parsons, president and executive creative director of apparel. “He is not a professional golfer. He’s a good golfer, but he’s not a pro. So if we made a club that could make a difference in his game, then it could make a difference for a lot of people.”

Their motto has become “Clubs Unlike Any Other,” putting performance and quality as the utmost priority. The brand is one of the few in the golf industry to sell directly to consumers, rather than through larger retailers. 

“We are able to engage with our customers to know what’s important to them, to meet their needs, and hopefully exceed their needs and expectations. We can listen to the customers, we can design for them because we talk to them directly, and we hear their feedback on everything,” said Renee Parsons.

But their drive to change the golf game didn’t just stop at clubs. Renee Parsons had been golfing for 12 years before joining PXG in 2018. She picked up the game when she and Bob first started dating, quickly discovering her own love of the game. However, she noticed one glaring gap in the golfing world.

“There were no good golf outfits out there, it was all just bad,” she said. “It was boxy, the quality wasn’t great, the shirts were too long, there was just no style to it. All my friends on the golf course said the same thing. I really knew there was a void in the market.”

Launching her first collection in 2018, PXG was the first to bring the runway to the fairway. Renee Parsons has coined the term “apres-golf,” inspired by the day-to-night aspect of apres-ski attire. She designs her collections with both functionality and performance in mind, creating pieces that move effortlessly from the putting green to the 19th hole.

“It’s fashion, but it’s got that PXG DNA which was born in golf. It has elements of street vibes, pop culture, nods to the runway, things that we are inspired by on the design team … It’s all the things I’m interested in and love, pulling pieces of them and bringing it to PXG to create something that is fashionable, yet it super functional and performative,” she said. 

Offering both men’s and women’s apparel, their collections carry everything from the classic golf polo to stand-out pieces, incorporating unique designs and colors to even the most basic essentials. Exclusively previewed at their Centennial launch, their fall and winter 2022 collections are PXG’s most impressive yet.

“We have been feeling the Western-Americana trends that have been going on in fashion, and it’s a perfect nod to our roots in Arizona,” said Renee Parsons.

The collection features a number of transitional pieces perfect to take your golf game through the seasons. Releasing in three staggered drops, PXG hopes to tell a different story with each collection.

“With the western theme, we took the idea of a bandana and did a custom pattern application with the PXG logo repeating with golf clubs,” explained Renee Parsons. Their new Darkness collection brings their story close to home, inspired by Bob Parson’s time in the 26th Marine Corp. Detail is what blends functionality with fashion in their pieces, their designs intricate and incredibly chic. From lightweight fleeces to leather jackets to a new pop of red for their holiday collection, PXG brings an elevated touch to every golf game, and wherever you may go after.

Always driving forward, PXG has an impressive goal in mind: 40 stores by 2024. With the Centennial location being number 16, Colorado is getting an early preview of what the innovative golf brand has in store. A one-stop shop for all things golf, this location is more of an experience than a storefront.

“For Denver customers, this store is definitely an experimental opportunity. We have hitting bays, we have simulators, we have the putting lab… It’s a 360 experience. We hope the Denver customers come in and see something different,” said Renee Parsons. “PXG is a lifestyle. It’s a feeling that you have when you walk into our store or when you wear our clothes or hit our clubs. It’s just elevated, and it transcends the golf course.” 

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) is a golf equipment and apparel company. Their first Colorado location is now open at 9030 E Phillips Pl suite 100, Centennial. The store currently has an exclusive preview of its fall and winter apparel collections, on sale to the public on September 1. For more information, visit their website

All photohraphy by Shelby Moeller.

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