Review – R&B Sensation Kehlani Electrified the Fillmore

Grammy award-nominated Kehlani left audience members in a trance at the Fillmore last night. The show was originally scheduled for September 6 but was postponed when Kehlani announced that she and her daughter were sick and she was unable to perform. With the rescheduled date, she still managed to transform the music hall with her sensational confidence and angelic vocals.

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Opener Destin Conrad took the stage promptly at 8 p.m. for a short set featuring slow, R&B tunes. He brought a tranquil vibe to the show and it’s clear that although this was Conrad’s first time in Denver, his voice, lyrics and stage presence are going to take him far in his career. Before Kehlani took the stage, female DJ NOODLES spun some bangers for the audience to spread excitement and uplift the energy in the venue.

Minutes before 9 p.m., Kehlani took the stage in a stunning red outfit with her hair blowing behind her and backup dancers setting the mood at her side. The audience was ecstatic to see the pop goddess in the flesh.

“I’m so sorry that I could not make it before but I sure am happy to be here today,” she said in an apology to the audience after her first song. “Tonight kind of feels like it’s the finale of this tour.” Since the show was rescheduled, last night’s performance wrapped up the “Blue Water Road” tour.

303 Magazine, 303 Music, Concert Reviews, Kehlani, Abby Schirmacher

Throughout the night, the audience swayed, fist pumped, danced and jumped alongside Kehlani as her voice echoed through the Fillmore. Her beauty and grace as a performer elevate her already incredible vocal range — she truly did not miss a beat. As Kehlani sang hits like “Can I,” “Nights Like This,” “Piece of Mind” and more, her effortlessly bold personality exuded her subtle confidence as a performer. Wearing red to indicate her power and surrounded by similar lighting, she was the image of the divine feminine. Through her lyrics as well as her delivery, Kehlani displays true feminity in a powerful and stunning form.

At age 27, Kehlani is now a mother, but that hasn’t made her any less of a star. “A lot of you guys have been with me since I was 17 or 18,” she said to the audience. “I have been allowed to exist this long in the industry I am in… because of you.” In expressing her gratitude to her fans, the music hall erupted and she dedicated “Honey” to the audience, acknowledging that her rise to fame could be attributed to the fans that have supported her from the beginning.

The “Blue Water Road” tour left Denver sizzling with Kehlani’s sensual chords and performance, leaving R&B and soul goodness behind. Seeing her up close and personal in her element was worth the wait. Consider this a love letter to Kehlani.

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco. Check out the full photo gallery here