6 Work Attire Trends Taking the Denver Fashion Scene by Storm This Fall

As summer nears its close, our bodies and mind are feeling the heat more than ever – leading to daydreams of cooler temperatures coming this fall. Whether you’re dressing for a corporate job or a college class, there are some significant trends to look for as your shop for your new autumn work wardrobe. 

303 Magazine compiled a list of the fall work attire trends and the local Denver boutiques where you can find them. 

Sweater Vests

The temperatures of the summer kept us from enjoying any knitwear without overheating. As fall comes, get ready to style the trendy sweater vest. The beauty of the sweater vest is it allows for a good middle ground between summer and winter attire. It stands as the perfect knit piece to exemplify the fall transition, but not too covered up as you would for the more chilly temperatures that winter brings. This trend also allows for the option of layering or being worn on its own.

Strut Denver – Yuli Sweater Vest ($178)

Denver Darling Boutique – Sweater Maxi ($142)

Stitch Boutique – Jalisco Vest Top ($58)

Oversized Blazers

This trend is one we have seen before, but it does not seem to be going anywhere. The oversized blazer was the groundbreaking discovery of a more relaxed fit for office and work attire. Through its popularity, there are now a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from – ranging from hot pink to neutral leather. Pair the oversized blazer with some fitted trousers or continue the relaxed fit with palazzo pants or slacks. 

Meraki Moon Boutique – Garance Woven Coat ($129)

Lady Jones – Single Breasted Tailored Blazer ($248)

Stitch Boutique – Welt Jacket ($68)

Haven – Owen Linen Blazer by Cami NYC ($340)

Funky Button Down Shirts

For a gender-neutral option, this fall trend elevates typical work clothing with a bit of spice. Not only are button-ups cozy, but they also provide a canvas for a plethora of amazing patterns and designs. Pair your favorite button-up with a pair of leather pants for an elegant but chic look that can be carried into the office. Or, try sizing up a few and carrying out your button-up with a belt to make an adorable dress.

Make a Mill – MAM Silk Bowling Shirt ($228) 

Blush – Rotuma Shirt | French Stripe Koa ($176)

Haven – Daria Blouse by Catherine Gee ($307)

Patterns and Pops – Contrast Button Down ($79)

Silk Midi Skirts

The silk midi skirt is a trend that can be carried from the summer into the fall, and maybe even winter too (time will tell). This trend suits all with its elegance. Such trendiness of the skirt comes from its versatility. Pair it with a Jeffrey Campbell heel for a wedding event, or simply the classic platform white sneaker for a more casual look.

Strut Denver – Textured Dot Pull-on Skirt by VINCE ($345)

Haven – Paperboy Skirt by Brazeau Tricot ($189)

Meraki Moon Boutique – Edelyne Skirt ($128)

Platform Shoes in Every Style 

There is nothing better than lacing up your favorite pair of platform sneakers and feeling a bit taller and dominating your day. The success of the platform sneaker has brought the platform style into new types of shoes. This fall, we can find outdated shoe styles being brought back into the limelight through the addition of a platform. Walk into the office feeling like the sky is the limit with a platform shoe.

Lady Jones – Trailblazer Loafer ($170)

Haven- Elora Heels by Dolce Vita ($150)

Strut Denver – Wal & Pai Maida Wedge Slide ($298)

Pinks Denver – White Platform Clogs

Vintage Statement Jewelry

Gold tones fit perfectly into the fall energy. Why not compliment your look with an elegant vintage piece of jewelry to sit on your neck?

Bloom Denver – Vintage Bloom & Bud Bracelet ($4,500)

Lariat – Zarav Chunky Vintage Chain ($60)

Through these trends, excitement can linger from the summer and into the fall with a cute new blazer and platform loafers. Why not try combining these fall work attire trends? There are endless possibilities here with the overall goal of making you feel ready for work but also fashionable.

Images Courtesy of Strut Denver, Lady Jones, Lariat, Bloom Denver, Blush Denver, Denver Darling, Maraki Moon Boutique, Haven and Stitch Boutique.