Recital Is the Hidden Gem of Denver’s Retail Scene

Literally “hidden” in a pedestrian alley between the mural-bearing buildings of RiNo Arts District is Recital and its sister store, Recital, Still. The stores contain masterfully curated collections of clothing, jewelry and home decor by recognized designers and indie brands. The shops have provided opportunities for many local makers to see their designs showcased in a retail setting.

Formerly known as Queen City General Store, the boutique underwent a rebrand and expanded with a new addition next door, called Recital, Still. As soon as a space in the alleyway behind Denver Central Market opened up, it became the ideal location for the Recital vision to be realized.

“We are grateful for those Queen City General Store years to hone in on our point of view,” Olivia Meininger, Recital shop owner, said. “We felt like we had a really clear vision of what we wanted our progression to be.”

Currently, Recital is an eclectic womenswear boutique offering an exclusive selection of sought-after designers and local creatives like Batsheva Dress, Sandy Liang and Meçlâ. Meanwhile, Recital, Still features house plants, home decor, cookbooks, chocolates and more. When developing the concept for Recital, Meininger loved the idea of helping someone get dressed head-to-toe for a party and then sending them next door to Recital, Still to pick up a hostess gift.

“I always envisioned having a space that allowed for creative freedom in which we could celebrate other makers, create things ourselves and have some fun,” Meininger said.

Shopping at Recital is an immersive experience for fashion lovers. On every shelf and clothing rack are treasured pieces lovingly selected by Recital’s fashionable team. The team’s curated selections are typically inspired by their taste in fashion, music, interior design and food. Their appreciation for artistry and flair for funky aesthetics gives the shop a unique character unlike anywhere else in Denver.

“I think what dictates it [our aesthetic] most is our trust in whatever turns us on or gets us excited,” Meininger said. “We don’t consider ourselves to be trend-driven and hope that people keep and cherish things beyond just a season.”

Meininger hopes to continue bringing her team’s favorite designers and makers to the stores. The Recital team is currently looking forward to introducing internationally-recognized designer brand Rejina Pyo to the store this fall.

“We’ve been huge fans of hers for a long time and hope our customers love it as much as we do,” Meininger said.

In the meantime, Recital is always bringing in new arrivals and even conducts secret sales for customers subscribed to their mailing list. To keep up with all things Recital and Recital, Still, follow their Instagram for creative content, new arrivals and pop-up event announcements.

All photography courtesy of Recital.