Our Favorite Looks at Underground Music Showcase 2022

The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) made its annual three-day appearance in Denver this past weekend. During one of the most anticipated music events in the Mile High City – bringing over 300 live musical performances – attendees dressed to impress.

Denverites filled the streets of Broadway crowding local venues and outdoor stages with fashion-forward and festival-ready outfits. After more than a year of the pandemic, it was amazing to see huge crowds of people not only engage with each other but use fashion to create camaraderie.

While the weekend focused on music, this year’s UMS proved clothing elevates attitudes in an electric atmosphere. While comfort was a priority in this weekend’s fashion trends, confidence reigned through the streets. 

Denver heat made its appearance this weekend. The best way to be stylish and stay cool was by adding a hat to any outfit.

Coordinating outfits for a music festival shouldn’t feel impossible There’s a balance between looking stylish and remaining authentic to your own style. 303 Magazine compiled a guide on some of our favorite looks from over the weekend that will inspire UMS attendees for next year and festivals to come.

Overalls were a statement piece that made it easy to dress with pockets for personal items.

Boots were the go-to shoe that took over South Broadway this weekend.

A thigh-high boot paired with a patterned dress was a show stopping combination.

What better way to feel liberated than showing off some skin? Shorts and fishnets made a huge appearance this weekend as a way to combat the heat and look cool in the process.

Shorts were the go-to clothing for both the guys and gals.

The best accessory that was worn at UMS were the friendships.

French braids and colorful patterns made a festival statement.

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco