Hott Pink Matter Hosts “Hott Pink Planet” Featuring Local Designers

In celebration of local designers, Hott Pink Matter hosted a fashion show on Friday, Aug. 5 at Void Studios. Kozy Korner, Adobe Darko, Ephemeral Concrete, Baily Rose, Vividream, My Generation Clothing and Hott Pink Matter took the runway, showcasing their latest designs. 

Prior to the show, guests had the opportunity to shop the designers’ clothing while also enjoying the murals located throughout the venue. There was also an immersive art installation by Hayley Barker titled “Soft Dreams.” Barker describes it as a utopian fantasy universe through the use of abstract shapes and textures of upcycled fabrics and appliqués. They served as explorations of space, time and function through colors, textures and their 3D quality.

Barker also sold upcycled clothing from her brand Starrsprite Shoppe.

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The show began with a collection from Kozy Korner filled with bright pieces decorated in paint splatters and quirky sayings like “Disconnect to Connect” or “Rather Be Broke.” Butterfly clips and fuzzy purses were paired with denim skirts that had shoe laces tied on the sides. Angel numbers, a series of repeating numbers considered lucky or insightful from a spiritual lens, like 888 and 999 as well as clouds and funky patterns were intricately painted on each look. It felt like street style met high fashion in the best way possible. 

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Adobe Darko took the runway next with a distinctive collection where designer Chaim Bellinsky continued his trademark of reimagining company brands like Jimmy Johns, Krispy Kreme and Fanta and turning them into a fun yet bold 90s-inspired collection. To top off the neon invasion, some models were wearing crocs with Mr. Potato Head’s face on their hands — it was a playful take on youth culture.  

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Ephemeral Concrete followed Adobe Darko with a tie-dye-heavy collection. The segment began with a model wearing acid-printed jeans paired with a colorful tube top and neon pink stipped hair. Each look had a rocker-like feel where denim, crop tops and leather jackets took over the runway. Designer Olivia McCann also layered bold prints on top of tie dye, adding to the edgier feel. It was a modern take on sportswear and street style in a daring yet lively way.

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To conclude the first half of the show, Baily Rose took an eccentric approach to showcase her designs. Rose asked that the music and projector be turned off and throughout the presentation, she spoke and sang as the models took the runway. She described her collection as “slow fashion” where models leisurely walked the runway. The collection began with a model wearing Rose’s first ever upcycled piece that she created. The dress looped around the model’s head like a headband and cascaded down into various patterns sewed together.

Rose’s designs are 100% natural compostable patterns and biodegradable. Backless dresses, western ties and army patterns were common themes throughout the collection. One of the most creative pieces was a skirt made out of rubber paired with a white bralette and black heels — Rose described it as “oil on the runway.” 

While guests were still basking in Baily Rose’s designs, model and musician Julian Navarro began intermission playing the piano and drums in addition to DJing for the audience. Although it was a small audience, Navarro’s excitement and enthusiasm had guests pumped for the second half of the show.

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Following Navarro’s performance, designer Caitlin Dunne of Vividream took the runway with a mystical collection defined by sparkles, capes and bold patterns. The segment began with a model wearing a blue pajama-like shirt with a hood layered over light blue patterned pants, accessorized with sunglasses. The cape trend continued with another model wearing black, green and gold metallic patterned pants with another pair of sunglasses. The looks were flowy but still had a futuristic and fantasy feel to them. 

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Ashleigh Perri, the designer of My Generation Clothingbrought the 80s to the runway. This high-energy rock collection was filled with what you would expect from the 80s — lots of vibrant cut-off graphic tees. It wasn’t just tees that were graphic-filled, Perri also put them on swimsuits creating a spunky statement. What really helped tie everything together was the sparkle fringe on the bottom of black pants, making for a fun yet trendy piece. Vibrant colors like green and orange also helped spice up the collection, fitting the vibe perfectly.

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The finale concluded with a vibrant collection by Hott Pink Matter where designer Audra Stachnik began her portion of the show with a model on a skateboard doing tricks wearing spiked hair and only a pink skirt and combat boots, proving to be a trend throughout the collection. Mini skirts with cropped tops and fish nets were also a common theme. What really got the crowd going were two models who had their hair braided together, dressed in a pink flowy ensemble and sparkly pink eyeshadow — completed by Katie Narum and Kaylee Kinman of Duality Studio Works

The jaw-dropping collection didn’t end there. One model wore the tiniest cropped top paired with neon yellow cargo pants and combat boots. It truly felt like a celebration of the early 2000s while highlighting fashion-forward looks. It was the best way to end the night.

The Hott Pink Planet fashion show was the perfect way to show everyone what the Denver fashion scene has to offer. It combined upcycling with street style but with a modern yet trendy twist, evidently showing that the designers are ready to push fashion forward. The night was truly a celebration of local designs.

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.

Editor’s Note: Updated on August 11 to correct the mention of the immersive art experience