Denver, Say Hi To High-Quality Cannabis, Delivered Directly to Your Door

It’s a new world for cannabis users in the Denver area: Getting high-quality cannabis delivered right to your door is no longer a pipe dream. Say hi to Lantern, the area’s newest cannabis delivery service that is now available across greater Denver (!!). Lantern combines a customer-first service with convenient at-home shopping from a wide variety of quality cannabis products and top local dispensaries. Then delivers those goods direct to doorsteps. Gone are the days of venturing to the dispensary to leave without the product you wanted – and of venturing into the elements to wait. And wait. And wait some more. Lantern makes it easy for any cannabis consumer to discover which products work for them, to find them at their price from their favorite local dispensaries, and without having to make the trip thanks to scheduled delivery.

Lantern is unique beyond delivery. Why? Their service is focused on customers first. Their online shopping experience is sorted by dispensary and product, which allows you to shop for cannabis how you like, from a variety of dispensaries, in one place. Whatever effect you’re looking for – creativity, pain relief, better sleep, or a happy high – you can find the highest quality products to match your needs. With Lantern, shopping for cannabis is easy, convenient, and virtual. Translation: shop on your schedule for your products and prices, then schedule it for delivery. 


How to Get Lantern Cannabis Delivery in 3 Easy Steps:

Step One: Enter your home address

Lantern delivers to home addresses. They cannot deliver to dorms or commercial addresses, sorry! And hotels vary based on hotel policies. See below for Lantern’s current delivery zones. Don’t see your zip on the map? Stay tuned; Lantern is growing and expanding its Dever delivery zones.

Step Two: Choose your dispensary and shop across your cannabis marketplace

Lantern’s game-changing marketplace allows you to shop multiple dispensaries in one place. Say goodbye to confusing and clunky shopping across multiple tabs and sites. Lantern’s marketplace is sorted by your preferred dispensary then filterable by flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, topicals, and accessories. With additional filters for feelings, effects, price, strains, brands, and more. Shopping is as simple as picking what you want, adding it to your cart, and going through checkout. Like shopping from a dispensary, Lantern will verify your government-issued ID, but unlike dispensaries, they will only do this once. So you can shop again and again without having to show your ID again and again. After ID verification, choose your payment method (cash or debit only due to federal rules) and a delivery window that works for your schedule. Then be home with your ID and payment, and let your goods come to you. Have more questions about how delivery works? Go to Lantern’s Denver delivery FAQs to get all the answers.  


Step Three: Sit back and relax

As your delivery window approaches, you’ll receive a notification when your order is five to 15 minutes away, so you don’t have to worry you’ll miss your delivery. Delivery is performed by a third-party, social-equity courier. So, every time you purchase with Lantern, you’re helping support equity within the cannabis industry. Once you’ve shown your ID and payment is made, it’s time to enjoy the goods. 

Ready to get started? 

Experience the good life at Enter your home delivery address, shop your dispensary on your time – by price, product, and more – and let your goods come to you. 

Beyond its marketplace and delivery service, Lantern aims to provide any and all cannabis consumers with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Because with knowledge comes feeling empowered to make the right choice. Check out Lantern’s Cannabis 101 to learn hacks, shopping tips, and more. Then enjoy the convenience of delivery. 

303 Lantern cannabis delivery combines both a customer-firm cannabis marketplace and delivery platform. Check now to see if Lantern delivers to your neighborhood and start getting high-quality cannabis delivered right to your door. Want to stay up-to-date? Subscribe to Lantern’s email newsletter and follow @getlanternnow on social for the latest drops, deals, and delivery zones.