New Colorado Music You Should Know – March Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

While Colorado is doing its best to treat locals to a few sunny days as we slowly begin the transition to spring, artists within the local music scene are treating fans to some great new music. This month’s roundup of new music sees a surprising amount of soothing indie tracks — but for those of you looking for something sonically different, there’s nothing to fear. We’ve also found gems within the local hip-hop and rock scenes in addition to releases in other genres.

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Five Up and Coming Local Acts

John Baldwin

Listen if you like En Vogue

A transplant from Charleston, South Carolina, once John Baldwin joined Denver’s music scene he never looked back. His latest release, “Must Be My Mind,” features C.L. Fondal, and sees the artist layering his classic synth-driven pop with gritty R&B stylings.

Feral Suits

Listen if you like Coin

Feral Suits introduced themselves to the local scene with the 2021 release of their highly-polished debut album Drown the Garden. Though their current discography is still quite small, with only a few singles accompanying the full-length album, Feral Suits shows the promise of a band with a trajectory that will quickly make them a favorite within the local scene.


Listen if you like J. Cole

Denver-based rapper and producer, PIKE melds the sounds of the mile high with the distinctive sounds of East Coast hip-hop, creating a sound rooted in classic rap but enhanced with a modern sensibility. His latest album release, PB&J, sees the local collaborating with New York-based artists DJ Ray Blk and Jam Young.

Jaguar Stevens

Listen if you like Joe Bonamassa

Local duo Jaguar Stevens rocks way harder than you’d expect — especially once you discover that the rock project was started by two high-school English teachers that desperately needed to blow off some steam. The band released its debut, self-titled album last year, and this month’s music homework is to give it a listen.

Sunrise Drive

Listen if you like TOOL

Denver quartet Sunrise Drive combines influences from across genres to create a unique rock-fueled sound that balances their own internal sense of despair and with a celebratory jubilance.

Five New Local Songs

Hello, Mountain – “Everything In Between”

Listen if you like Naked Giants

This year, local band Hello, Mountain gave fans the gift of new music for Valentine’s Day with the release of their latest single, “Everything In Between.” A fitting release for a lover’s holiday, the track is all about cherishing the love that you have, even if it isn’t perfect.

Moodlighting – “24”

Listen if you like Alvvays

The third single release from rising Denver darlings moodlighting, “24” is an ethereal track about growing up and the feelings that you may have wasted your potential. The song starts off slow with soft vocals and guitar-driven melodies but gradually builds, layer by layer, into something more unique.

Jackson Harkness – “The Father”

Listen if you like The Oh Hello’s

An uptempo single from Jackson Harkness, “The Father” begs listeners to tap their toes to the rhythm of the beat — and we’d bet that once you learn the lyrics you won’t be able to stop yourself from singing along to this catchy single.

The Reminders – “IssaTing”

Listen if you like JAY-Z

Local husband-and-wife duo The Reminders teamed up with Denver-quintet Jyemo Club for their latest release: a single titled “IssaTing.” The track blends a variety of influences, clearly the result of the large collaborative effort — and while so many perspectives can lead to a jumbled song that lacks perspective, “IssaTing” boasts a complex sound that shows none of the signs of having too many cooks in the kitchen.

Bleak Mystique – “First Date With Lucy”

Listen if you like Mt. Joy

Up-and-coming local duo Bleak Mystique may have a small discography, but they’ve wasted no time expanding it since the release of their debut single last year. “First Date With Lucy” is their first release of 2022 and finds the band layering harmonies over simple melodies and changing up their aesthetic with a new single cover

Five New Music Videos

The BRKN – “Coffee”

Listen if you like Remo Drive

Local pop-punk outfit The BRKN are helping Denver start their day right with “Coffee,” their latest music video release. The video sees the local outfit pouring hot cups of joe in an effort to raise funds for a tour, making friends in the process.

Knuckle Pups – “Soft Attraction”

Listen if you like Of Monsters and Men 

Colorado is still shaking off the cold of winter, but Knuckle Pup’s latest music video has us dreaming for the warm days of summer. “Soft Attraction” sees the local indie outfit laughing and smiling as they soak up the joys of life, crashing into each other in bumper cars and singing along to the song as they play at a carnival.

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Bear and the Beasts – “Into The Kiln”

Listen if you like Briston Maroney

Drawing from Colorado’s past for inspiration, Bear and the Beast partnered with The Salt Lick to create their latest music video. Coincidentally, it’s also their first release in 2022. The video takes fans on a surreal and symbolic journey through the woods, where they meet woodland spirits and a whole cast of other characters.

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Moon Walker – “Doombox”

Listen if you like Talking Heads

Backed by a dystopian wasteland, Moon Walker are dressed to impress when they stumble upon a “Doombox” — and once they press play, chaos ensues. As smoke emits from the music player, obscuring the local duo as they rock on.

TX2 – “Nail in the Coffin”

Listen if you like All Time Low

TX2 took a departure from his normally dark music with the release of his music video for “Nail in the Coffin.” However, he couldn’t stray too far from the music he loves to make, leading to a comedic horror montage of a music video that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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