Go Regal This New Year’s Eve With Two Timeless Looks

Making it through 2021 calls for a grandeur occasion. No matter how you intend on celebrating the end of the year, your closet staples deserve a night out. Downtown Denver’s nightlife serves as the perfect backdrop for your New Year’s Eve posse to enjoy a festive nightcap as you cheers the night away. Here at 303 Magazine, we pulled together fresh New Year’s Eve ensembles – at Room For Milly – to showcase these elegant and sleek looks.

Room for Milly strikes the balance between trendy and chic timelessness with its rich interior by MAINSPRING, layered art curated by Kate Meyers, velvet fabrics, glossy paneling and hand-painted wallpaper by de Gournay. This ornate and colorful cocktail bar gives us all the inspiration we need to enter into the new year.

Life of The Party

On Famulare (left): Tyne Hall Dress (price upon request), Striped Leopard Coat, $529, available at Garbarini, Amelia Crossbody and Messenger Bag $375, available at Vogelle. On Pierce (right): Feather Top $275, available at Garbarini, Dusty Rose Satin Skirt $445, available at Garbarini, Green Chain Shoulder Bag $295, available at Vogelle.

On Kellum (left): Teal Velvet Jacket $250, available at Dillard’s. Brown Dress Pants $59.50, available at Dillard’s, White Button Up Top $89.50, available at Dillard’s. On Lewis (right): Burgundy Velvet Jacket $250, available at Dillard’s, Heather Gray Dress Shirt $128, available at Dillard’s, Green Dress Pants $59.50, available at Dillards.

The Lowdown: Traditionally metallics and sequins are the top-tier NYE statement pieces. To amplify your festive fit, don’t pack away those holiday hues yet and go bold by color blocking complementary colors like red and green, while also allowing your closet to welcome new textiles like feathers, satin and velvet for an added festive flair. For these bold looks, different iterations of regal elegance were shown through color, texture and draped silhouettes. As an elevated twist on classic New Year’s Eve outfits, model Allie Famulare is wearing a mesh Tyne Hall dress paired with a striped leopard coat from Garbarini. Or if you’re looking to be the life of the party, pair a lively feather top with a draped satin skirt along with a bold colored handbag like designer Laura Vogel’s emerald green shoulder bag.

Menswear this holiday season is all about dressing up your seasonal favorites. Our style approach on models Kian Lewis and Bryce Kellum welcomes tailored silhouettes and complementary colors. We suggest pairing a sleek pair of earth-toned trousers with a tailored velvet jacket in a louder hue to upgrade your fit. To further incorporate NYE elegance into your look, add a printed bow-tie or bold belt for a proper finishing touch. 

After Party

On Lewis (left): Checkered Black and Blue Dress Shirt $79.50, available at Dillard’s, Black Dress Pants $59.50. On Pierce (center left): Satin Feathered Top $178, Garbarini. Glitter Pants $155, Garbarini, Gold Tassel Star Purse (price upon request), Jay Davis Bags. On Kellum (center right): Burgundy Top $65, available at Dillard’s, Indigo Dress Pants $70, available at Dillard’s. On Famulare (right): Emerald Midi Dress $87, Hailee Grace Boutique, Grey Multi-Chevon Jacket $1,270, available at Garbarini.

The Lowdown: Party hopping? Or are you just dying for an excuse for a quick outfit change after the clock strikes midnight? Either way, these low-lift outfit changes are still New Year’s appropriate while turning up the volume with bold and rich hues. In these looks, soft satins serve as a base for each outfit while tastefully incorporating celebratory fabrics. For instance, model Ruby Leigh Pierce is wearing what we call the holy grail of lively textures with champagne-colored sequined pants, a yellow satin top with a feather trim while carrying a metallic tasseled purse by Jay Davis Bags. At the end of a long night, loosen up into something more casual like a slip dress as seen on Famulare, or dress up your typical dress shirt and pants with rich colors like burgundy and indigo to compliment the scene.

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  Photographed by Jackson Davis

Location provided by Room For Milly

Models: Ruby Leigh Pierce, Kian Lewis, Bryce Kellum, Alison Famulare

Fashion Writer: Jordan McClendon

Lead stylist: Ashleigh Perri

Assistant Stylist: Udella Miranda

Fashion Editor: Abby Schirmacher

Hair: Mae Jones

Makeup: Leah Llanes

Clothing and Accessories provided by: Dillard’s, Tyne Hall, Hailee Grace Boutique, Vogelle, Jay Davis Bags and Garbarini 

(Updated December 28)