Sundown Colorado Encourages Mindfulness and Sobriety Through Music

Photo courtesy of Martha Wirth Photography.

Creators, Mike and Amber Handby, have combined radical wellness with electronic dance music to create Colorado’s first sober music festival, Sundown Colorado. This mindfulness-centered festival will take place on Saturday, September 11 at RiNo Festival Grounds and will provide a setting where sobriety is embraced, celebrated and encouraged.

According to American Addiction Centers, 81% of concert-goers have used drugs and/or alcohol at music shows, with 91% of substance use happening at EDM/electronic concerts. With that whopping statistic comes the creation of Sundown Colorado. Sundown will show EDM and music lovers in general, the positives and fun aspects of remaining sober at a concert. This revolutionary festival will allow attendees of all ages to explore the joys of dancing and music, without the distracting and, at times, destructive use of drugs and alcohol.

“There is a need for healthy nightlife and mindfulness in the music scene in Denver and beyond. The pandemic highlighted our need as a society for connection, and Sundown is creating a music festival for that next-level connection experience,” said Amber Handby.

Photo courtesy of Martha Wirth Photography.

Sundown will be a unique and intimate experience for festival-goers where EDM lovers will be able to consciously connect through music and meditative practices. Though a common thought is that drinking is needed to combat awkward dance moves and social anxiety, the activities and vendors at Sundown will prove that a shot for confidence is a thing of the past.

“Music and mindfulness create magic, at parties, at festivals and in everyday life. Sundown will have a meditation tent with color healing, binaurals, and chakra balancing meditations from Ohana Yoga + Barre,” said Amber Handby.

The headliners and vendors of Sundown were carefully curated based on their danceability and their support of a healthy partying lifestyle. For example, Awake Denver, Denver’s first sober bar, will be serving their refreshing and unique non-alcoholic drinks for festival-goers to enjoy. Additionally, local muralist, Austin Zucchini-Fowler, will be bringing the creative spirit to life with a community mural.

The creative spirit will also be encouraged through the lively performances taking place onsite. With years of experience as DJs in Denver’s EDM scene, the Handby’s took the time to pick some groovy headliners who will inspire the dancer within all of us.

With popular DJ duo, Autograf, taking the stage, festival-goers will find it hard to stay off their feet. Yolanda Be Cool will also be co-headlining, and with popular singles like “We No Speak Americano,” attendees will be uplifted through their funky beats and dance the night away. Of course, the Handby’s DJ double act, DoubleCrush, can’t miss out on the fun either. The two will perform original songs for electronic lovers, and remind Coloradans why the EDM scene dominates this state.

Photo courtesy of Sundown.

While this progressive music festival is obviously representing the sober music community, it is also doing its part in helping the community in general.

“Sundown is here to normalize healthy nightlife and promote a new era of entertainment that empowers communities to focus on mindfulness, health and positivity. Together we can replace unhealthy addictions with healthy ones, like music and dance. To do this, we will need a strong community. We see that community at SDA parties and Sundown,” said Amber Handby.

With the creation of festivals like Sundown, the need for drugs and alcohol are a thing of the past. Sobriety and mindfulness paired with immaculate vibes will have music lovers feeling better leaving the festival than when they arrived.

Check out the full Sundown Music Festival lineup below:

Saturday, September 11, 2021

5 p.m.: DoubleCrush

6 p.m.: N2N

7:15 p.m.: Yolanda Be Cool 

8:30 p.m.: Autograf 

Sundown Music Festival takes place on Saturday, September 11 located at RiNo Festival Grounds at 3715 Chestnut Place Denver, CO 80216. The Festival will be from 5 – 10 p.m. Tickets are limited but are available here. For a full lineup of the many mindfulness experiences please check out the list here

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