Outdoor Retail Brand Thule Opened A Location At Basecamp At Market Station

In 1942, Erik Thulin founded Thule in the forests of Småland, Sweden. Fast forward a few decades and Thule has been developing sophisticated, trendy products for outdoor enthusiasts for over 75 years. Not only are these products both friendly and safe to use, but they also incorporate sustainability efforts as well. The development practices of Thule’s products are based on quality, safety, design and ease of use. Moreover, whether you are a hiker, biker or something else entirely, Thule has you covered.

Thule now has a location open in Denver for the Mile High City to enjoy. The doors officially opened on June 25 at Basecamp at Market Station — the hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Thule strollers

Sustainability plays a big rule within Thule and its products. According to Chris Ritchie, PR & Communications Manager at Thule, offering innovative and high-quality products that inspire people is where it all starts in their sustainability efforts. The products are manufactured responsibly and with particular care paid to the impact t0 the environment.
“By analyzing the materials, production methods, usage and recycling potential, we aim to have our products make as limited an impact on the climate and environment as possible,” explained Ritchie. “We do this without compromising on safety, quality, function or lifespan. Fortunately, our development team has a solid foundation of expertise within eco-design.”

It’s no secret Colorado is home to an abundance of outdoor activities and generally conducive to living an overall active lifestyle. This makes Thule a perfect addition for Denver residents to enjoy all the products it has to offer. According to Ritchie, bringing the concept to Thule’s North American market made perfect sense with the success of their other retail stores in places such as Sweden and Germany.

“From what we’ve learned from those markets is sure to be replicated here in Denver. Overall, we want to drive more brand awareness for Thule. In addition, we want to use the store to promote category awareness for our other award-winning categories. Strollers and luggage are two examples,” said Ritchie.Thule backpacks

Basecamp at Market Station is the newest retail space that is occupying Thule, and the perfect destination for people to easily discover its products. “Consumers are looking to make lifelong bonds with the brands they care about on a values drive level. Outdoor brands like Thule are listening. More retailers are opening brick and mortar retail stores in Colorado to adapt to the ecosystem of rapidly changing consumer expectations. Spaces like Basecamp as the Launchpad are those spaces being chosen,” stated Ritchie.

“Basecamp is setting the pace for the evolution of modern retail that’s long been overlooked. Attributes such as speaker panels, how-to events and giving local small businesses the opportunity to take part through pop-ups are a few examples,” explained Ritchie. “BASECAMP’s incorporation of values and behaviors into a brand value proposition by inspiring adventure will engage the community and help build it up.”

This location is the perfect spot for Thule because other retailers that will set up shop in the future at Basecamp will have the same goal of catering to the outdoor apparel and products market. According to Ritchie, there is also an underground garage where staff will equip your car at one of their install bays.
Thule storefront
All photography courtesy of Thule