Estelle Lux is Denver-Based Lipstick for All Skin Tones

Denver native Lucretia Kinzie has always loved beauty—and considered it a hobby rather than a career. But after years of working in property management and getting countless compliments on her lipstick choices, she began to ruminate on the idea of a brand of her own. “I was always pulling up someone else’s brand like [to show people] ‘Hey, this is what I’m wearing!’” said Kinzie. “And I was like, okay, what does it take to create your own lipstick brand?” About a year later, Estelle Lux Collection was born. It’s a fully Denver-based brand of lipstick developed and designed by Kinzie herself. She built the line from the ground up and has since gained a following for her unique packaging, product and personable customer service approach.

Hospitality, Personality and Inclusion

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Lucretia Kinzie; Photo by Dre Lamar Photography

Kinzie got the name for her line from her middle name — Estelle — and the luxurious nature of the product and presentation. “I do consider it a luxury brand even though it is local,” she said. “I’ve always loved the beauty industry, but I’ve never been over the top with it,” Kinzie added. “I’m not a makeup artist, and I don’t watch Youtube tutorials or other things like that.” She describes her signature look as a fresh, makeup-free face with a bold lip color. “So whenever someone sees me out or doing something they’re like, ‘Okay, that’s Lucretia. She’s the owner of Estelle Lux.’”

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When asked what sets her brand apart from other lipstick companies, she credits her success with her attention to customer service and the extra time taken to make people feel special. “Starting from scratch and really building my clientele up from zero, I really get to know my clients and customers,” she said. “I make sure that they send me selfies and pictures and I have conversations with them…I feel like my brand is very personable, it’s very genuine. I’m not just trying to make money,” she said.

Kinzie is also hyper-aware of creating a product that’s compatible with clients of all different skin tones. The Estelle Lux website models have a wide range of complexions, and she makes sure that each color works for everyone. “It’s so hard for darker girls to find a lipstick that looks good on them and a lot of my darker friends love this,” she said of one of her reds. “I just feel like my lip colors look amazing on all women.”

Denver-based Business

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Aside from a brief stint in LA, Kinzie has been Denver-based for her whole life. “I think there is a lot of support, but you have to go outside of your circle,” she said of building a business in the 303. “There are so many people here who would love to know about and support your business but they haven’t heard about it because you’re so confined to your space,” she added.

For Kinzie, doing pop-ups to access new communities has been helpful in getting her product visible within wider circles. “My number one clientele is not even in Denver,” she added. “It’s New York. People have just been sharing and sharing and the word is getting out.”


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Doing so well with Estelle Lux has inspired Kinzie to share her knowledge and experience with Denver’s black entrepreneurial community. She put on the first “Black-Owned Brunch” on June 20, and called the event a “huge success.”

“My thing was, I should create something where black business owners can really come together and collab and share ideas and celebrate each other and network, because that’s something that we really don’t have for the black community,” Kinzie added. She’s planning a second Black-Owned Brunch in September — details will be released soon.

Estelle Lux Collection currently includes lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. Kinzie is planning on adding more colors, eyeliner, and other products to the line this winter. Her products will be available at a pop-up on Sunday, July 25th from 11a.m. to 6p.m. at 1600 Federal Blvd. Keep up with them on Instagram, Facebook, and the Estelle Lux website.