Meow Wolf Denver is Set to Open Fall 2021

Upcoming Meow Wolf Denver installation. Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf Denver.

After a four-year wait, we are finally in the home stretch for the opening of Meow Wolf Denver. Set to debut in fall 2021, Denver’s permanent immersive exhibit will showcase 110 Denver artists in a five-story, 90,000 square-foot campus. The new I-25 and Colfax spot will also have a 450-person music venue and 2,000 square-foot retail space and cafe alongside four floors of reality-altering installations. It was originally set to open in 2020, but the company has faced massive layoffs, unionization debates and a Santa Fe-based gender discrimination lawsuit that, along with the pandemic, likely played a part in its delay.

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But as COVID-19 loosens its grip on the nation, Meow Wolf seems confident in its new opening timeline. Now, details of what Denver will entail are slowly coming to light, although the final reveal will likely stay a secret until its debut. So far we know there are 70 rooms alongside five “anchor” spaces. Much like its Santa Fe location, the storyline will be based on the convergence of worlds that are connected through portals and wormholes. The music venue will also likely feature a lot of projection mapping since it’s being created in partnership with Moment Factory — a multimedia studio that specializes in the technology. As for the cafe and retail space, local goods will also be sold here to help support and represent local artisans and artists.

Denver isn’t the only city getting a Meow Wolf outpost this year. Omega-Mart already debuted in Las Vegas in February and if all goes to plan, Denver won’t be far behind.

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