Menez’s GENESIS Collection Elevates Typical Styles, Drawing Inspiration From Greek Mythology

The creatives behind MENEZ — one of Denver’s leading fashion design houses — Saul and Vincent Jimenez are known to elevate average clothes, giving them a whole new style and meaning. This can be seen in MENEZ’s GENESIS collection, which features mermaid-style gowns, multi-functional leggings and outerwear. The Jimenez brother’s take on jackets for spring was no different. The team used new sewing techniques when creating the jacket — which is now a part of the GENESIS collection — and drew inspiration for the jacket and the collection as a whole from both mythological creatures and their very own MENEZ horn logo. With cropped features, horn-style detail and puffer-eqsue elements, Menez adds to its GENESIS collection with their Hydra Horn Jacket in purple and black velvet. We recently sat down with the two local designers to talk about the concept behind the collection and its pieces.

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303 Magazine: What can you tell us about the conceptualization process of the Horn Design Hydra Jacket? 

Vincent and Saul Jimenez: Many pieces from The GENESIS Collection were inspired by mythological creatures. This design is inspired by the hydra, a many-headed mythological serpent.

303: How was the jacket made? What was that process like?

VJ and SJ: To make The Hydra Horn Jacket we were inspired by the trapunto sewing technique, we decided to take a more extreme approach and added more volume. We designed two versions, one made from purple velvet for an elevated look and a black sport look.

303: How would you describe the style of this piece?

VJ and SJ: Elegant, futuristic, and sci-fi fashion.

303: What was the inspiration for this jacket?

VJ and SJ: We were inspired by the MENEZ horn logo. We wanted to incorporate the puffer design into a 3D horn silhouette. For the silhouette, we definitely wanted to create a new style of jacket. Something modern yet still keeping the traditional puffer look.

303: What inspired you to create the GENESIS collection?

VJ and SJ: When creating the GENESIS collection, we were inspired by mythical creatures, nature and the beginning of creation. We researched and learned the stories of mythical creatures and found that they were beyond good and evil, kind of like people. We wanted to shed a different light and perspective showing that creatures are not just evil, there’s also beauty within. The GENESIS collection was also the beginning of athletic apparel for MENEZ. We were also inspired by superheroes so we wanted to create clothing that would make you feel empowered with fashion and function in mind.

303: Why do you think the Hydra-Horn Jacket fits well within the GENESIS collection?

VJ and SJ: It encapsulates the ethos of the collection, to look forward to the future with bravery and style.

303: What were some other must-have pieces that you always knew you wanted to have in the collection?

VJ and SJ: For the GENESIS collection, we knew we wanted to have athletic apparel that was completely different from what we’re used to. We designed multi-function clothing, like the Calypso yoga pants that are designed for performance like yoga, gym, sports, but also stylish enough to be worn on a night out. Also, the MENEZ Luci top was a must-have for this collection, another piece that is multi-functional, designed to be worn to the gym, or paired with a leather jacket for an everyday look.

303: What is your favorite item in the GENESIS collection?

VJ and SJ: The MENEZ SIREN Gown is our favorite piece from the collection. The SIREN God featured a mermaid silhouette with our four sheer tails. Crafted from high-grade formfitting nylon and genuine leather. The movement of this piece is something we want people to experience when wearing it, it definitely makes you feel like you have superhero powers.

303: What makes the GENESIS collection different from any other collection you’ve done in the past?

VJ and SJ: The GENESIS collection is definitely different from our previous collections. This collection was the beginning of many things for us like multi-function, everyday athletic-wear. Clothing that is durable enough for the gym but stylish enough for everyday wear. We designed these pieces with fashion and function in mind, thinking bout how we can improve our everyday lives, and created pieces from high-grade moisture repelling materials for long life. We also added pockets large enough for cellphones or wallets, making them ideal clothing pieces for a person on the go.

303: What can we expect from Menez in the future when it comes to outerwear? What can we expect in the future regarding outwear specifically for spring?

VJ and SJ: We are developing leather and wool coats, and performance jackets, both crafted with durability and function in mind. For spring, we are developing our zipper hoodies, for both men and women which will be a lighter multi-purpose jacket.

303: Do you plan on adding any more items to the GENESIS collection?

VJ and SJ: Yes, we are adding more items for both men and women. We’re really excited for people to see The MENEZ GENESIS Collection as a whole.


Photography by Chris Archuleta

Models: Karla, Ari Groobman and Mia Felicia 

MUA: Tasha Medellin

Hair: Stephanie Fugazzi