4 Contemporary Fashion Trends to Embrace this Spring

With spring officially upon us here in the Mile High City, it’s about time to tap into transformative pieces in celebration of the new season. After a year of loungewear, we all deserve attire that we can look forward to getting dressed up in. Here at 303 Magazine, we pulled together a guide – at The Jacquard, Autograph Collection Hotel – to showcase some of our favorite trends. This fashion-inspired hotel was named after Joseph Marie Jacquard, the inventor of the automated looming process, and paved the way for affordable fashion. This iconic hotel, located in Cherry Creek North, made the perfect backdrop to show off these bold approaches to contemporary fashion.

Lean Into Classics

On Medina-Yoder (left): Chain Shoulder bag, $325. Available at Vogelle.com. Alex Marie Blazer, $129. Alex Marie high-rise ankle pants, $79. Available at Dillards. On Redwine (Right) Chain Shoulder bag, $325. Available at Vogelle.com. Printed Trench from Garbarini, price upon request. Multi-colored pleather skirt $43, Pinks. 

The Lowdown: As warmer weather approaches, we have to remember that springtime in Colorado means we aren’t completely out of the woods yet. When trying to embrace the inviting hues of spring and staying weather conscious, leaning into classic silhouettes is never a bad idea. Tailored jackets and trench coats have long reigned supreme as closet staples. To elevate these traditional garments, we suggest taking a walk on the more vibrant side by inviting pastel hues and colorful patterns into the mix. On Redwine, we have a lightweight floral trench from Garbarini to complement the faux leather striped skirt while dipping into subtle pattern mixing. Leaning deeper into classics we have a tailored pastel blue suit on Medina-Yoder paired with leather shoulder bags by Designer and Founder Laura Vogel of Vogelle.

The New Romantics

Redwine (left): Lace Butterfly Dress $577, Mona Lucero. Chain Shoulder Bag $250, Vogelle. Medina-Yoder (right): Pecan Pie Dress $65 , PINKS. Tan Button-Up $128, Mona Lucero. Camel Shoulder Bag $235, Vogelle. Shoes on both models, owned by stylist.

On Redwine: Tyne Hall Floral Dress, Price Upon Request. London Lady Button-up Jacket $65 ,PINKS. Chain Shoulder Bag $250, Vogelle. Steve Madden Pumps $91.99, available at Dillard’s.

The Lowdown: Turn up the romance with flowy fits, lace and floral details. Navigating how to make floral print more fashion-forward can be as simple as switching up the color palette. Neutral tones tastefully elevate this spring staple into pieces that can be worn on all occasions. For instance, on model Redwine, we have this pleated detail floral print dress made by designer Tyne Hall. This dress caught the eyes of many on DFW’s Fall 19 show and has proved itself to be timeless and chic. If you’re looking for new beginnings in your wardrobe check out designer Mona Lucero, and how she makes fashion and art come together with her signature butterfly symbol. On Redwine, we first have Lucero’s hooded lace dress accompanied by her preppy patchwork button-up on Medina-Yoder. These whimsical designs from Lucero are nothing short of iconic and we cannot wait to see how these pieces will translate into this upcoming season and seasons to come.

Fresh Prints

On Redwine (Left) Michael Kors Cheetah Print Ankle Pants $78, Dillards. Jimi Hendrix Printed Tee $35, My Generation. Jay Davis Leather Collar Lucy in Red $115. Classic Pink Blazer $695, Garbarini. Steve Madden Pumps $91.99, available at Dillard’s. On Medina-Yoder(left): DVF Printed Wrap Dress $498.00, Garbarini. Jay Davis Metallic Fringe Skirt $220. Steve Madden Pumps $91.99, available at Dillard’s.

The Lowdown: Pattern mixing is not for the faint of heart. However, rarely are there rules to this specific skillset. A classic print like cheetah print, as shown on Redwine, provided a neutral color palette to ease into pattern blocking. For our style approach, combining a bold colored structured jacket and a classic graphic tee from My Generation by Ashleigh Perri, kept this ensemble spring-appropriate. For work or play, level up your pattern game with an ornate printed wrap dress. To elevate these looks even further, we paired edgy leather accessories like a leather fringe belt and patterned leather collar made by designer Jay Davis.

Bold Brights

On Medina-Yoder(Right): Faux Leather Tie Dress $105.00, Garbarini. Liquid Glitter Mini Purse $46.00, Electric Bubblegum. On Redwine (left): Electric Bubblegum Neon Rain Coat, price upon request. Blue Chain Shoulder Bag $325, Vogelle. Feather detailed pants found at Dillards.

The Lowdown: Neon is the name of the game this spring. Choosing to introduce bold neon hues into your closet can stretch any fashion connoisseur’s eye. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to incorporate this inviting touch into your ensemble. This black pleather button-down dress on model Medina-Yoder acted as a base for the outfit and paired with a neon pink bodysuit made an understated yet transformative addition. Our advice is to marry dark hues and their opposing color to make even more of a statement. To complete each look, Electric Bubblegum did not disappoint in paying homage to the 90’s trend of durable plastic accessories like the raincoat and shoulder bag shown above.

Photographed by Kori Hazel

Location provided by The Jacquard, Autograph Collection Hotel  

Models Alessia Redwine (Donna Bladwin Agency) and Cassie Medina-Yoder

Clothing and accessories provided by: Dillards, PINKS, Mona Lucero, Garbarini, Tyne Hall

Hand Bags and accessories provided by Laura Vogel, Jay Davis and Electric Bubblegum

Hair and Styling by Jordan McClendon

Makeup by Janelle Tejan

Lead Stylist Cruz Arias

Stylists Assistants Ashleigh Perri and Elizabeth Mehert-Ab