Coloradans Can Now Find Their Vaccine on a Newly Developed Website Designed By Volunteers

As vaccine become more readily available in the state of Colorado – you may be wondering where to receive your vaccine and if you’re eligible in the first place. To make things simple – founders Dylan Alban and Fletcher Heisler created a website that answers both. In the absence of a similar site that is government-run – provides live coverage of Colorado vaccine information —and it’s run entirely by volunteers.

“FindYourVaccine (FYV) is a community effort to fill a national gap. With federal vaccine resources still in the works, and each state taking its own approach, reliable information on vaccine access is hard to find,” said Alban.

What started as a simple database – turned into a 80+ volunteer run project. FYV provides information on where vaccines are available, who is eligible and how to make an appointment by using a format that is accurate, simple and up-to-date with information from health officials.

“Instead of thousands of people calling a long list of providers every day on their own, our team can reach out once to each site and make that call info readily available. We can help keep those phone lines open for people who really need them,” said Heisler.

FYV launched nationally to provide a summary of vaccine information for each state based on individual state roll-out guidelines. FYV is now available in states, including Colorado, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Colorado is currently in Phase 1A and 1B with a total of 910 vaccine providers. More than 930,000 people have been immunized with one dose, nearly 500,000 people with two doses and over 1.4 million cumulative doses have been administered.

For more information on Colorado’s COVID-19 vaccine information – go here.

For more information on finding your vaccine – visit the FYV website. For those interested in volunteering  for the organization – go here.