Now Playing – DNA Picasso Assigns Hustle Homework

Last Friday, February 12, DNA Picasso Released his fourth album, Picasso Gvng University. The hip-hop artist’s albums have become an annual gift to the 303 music community. Prolific, they are a testament to DNA Picasso’s work mentality when it comes to his music — the likes of which resulted in a consecutive yearly album drop since 2018.

DNA Picasso: This album, Picasso Gvng University, is a complete Picasso Gvng Records collaboration. We recorded all 15 songs and 10 more in just 5 studio sessions. The vibe was amazing. This was just a taste of what happens when [you] put dope artists in a room together, no crazy amount of time to write — just vibes.

You can now listen to Picasso Gvng University on Spotify. The album is a salute to those well-deserved Saturday nights and Sunday drives. It’s an echo of pre-COVID nights out with good friends and better music — but it’s also a declaration of preparedness post-COVID. That said, despite his busy roster, DNA Picasso agreed to host this week’s #NowPlaying Playlist. This playlist is a bit of insight into his album — call it a prerequisite playlist before attending Picasso Gvng University.

DP: These songs were in my playlist during the entire process of creating this album, I played them very often, sometimes back to back. I drew inspiration from some amazing collaborations and creatives. I’m a student of the game so I learn from the best. When I started my label, my main goal was to make records with high replay value and collaborations that would bring artists together who would’ve never worked together otherwise. I haven’t been more proud of a project to date and this playlist heavily influenced it.

Be sure to check DNA Picasso’s playlist below and don’t forget to follow 303 Magazine and like our #NowPlaying playlist on Spotify:

 Coi Leray – “No More Parties”

DP: This song is a slap. It’s simple, but she’s talking her shit and she made it a vibe. Sometimes less is more and this is definitely on the playlist.

 Mozzy-  “So Lonely (ft. Shordie Shordie)”

DP: Every time I’ve gotten into the car for the last month, this song has been within the first three songs played. It’s a slap, [the] type of song you play while driving down the highway, windows down. The melodic hook with Mozzy’s grit comes together perfectly.

 Omah Lay – “Damn (ft. 6LACK)”

DP: This is an R&B/soul song with straight dancehall vibes. It’s smooth but also something you can dance to. They both snapped on this song and stuck to the vibe. It’s definitely a top pick for me right now and inspiration for track number 8 on the album, “Last Night.”

Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas -“Go Stupid (ft. NLE Choppa & Mike WiLL Made-It)”

DP: This song gets me hype instantly. This is my type of rap song, no hook, just go stupid on the beat. “Lobby,” kind of reminds me of this song even though it’s more chill — top pick fasho.

Travis Scott –  “Mamacita (ft. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug)”

DP: This song is epic, the video is epic, all the artists are epic and this was a special era in hip-hop. Picasso Gvng Records curated a vibe naturally, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time writing. The beats were selected before the studio sessions, artists came in, went into the booth, and came up with their lyrics on the spot. Everything came together seamlessly. “Mamacita,” was three homies vibing in the studio making hits, no pressure, just vibes.

Jacquees – “Verify (ft. Young Thug & Gunna)”

DP: This is another one of those, “driving on the highway, windows down, left hand on the wheel, right hand grippin’ her thigh,” songs. My verse on “To The Moon,” has that vibe.

Drake & Future – Diamonds Dancing 

DP: The way they go back and forth on this will forever be legendary. Everything about this song is dope – the production, the melodies, lyrics, the stages in each of their careers & the overall vibe. This is lifestyle music. In a way, it inspired, “Doing The Most.”

E40 – “Chase The Money (ft. Quavo & Roddy Ricch)”

DP: The way they collaborated on this song is super dope to me. Roddy and Quavo split the book and E-40, A$AP Ferg & Schoolboy Q killed the verses. The structure of [this] song was my kind of collab. Seemed to have happened naturally and it looked fun to make. It reminded me of some of the songs we recorded that didn’t make the album. This song goes crazy in the whip and the club.

Pop Smoke – “Yea Yea”

DP: R.I.P. Pop Smoke. He died way too young. “Yea Yea” is definitely one of my favorite songs on that project. The production is my favorite thing about it. Pop killed it, but that baseline and sample were stuck in my head for days and I had it on replay. This is another one of those lifestyle joints.

 King Combs – “The West (feat. Kai Ca$h and 03 Greedo)”

DP: Again, lifestyle music. This brings me back to LA, it makes me wanna jig and pour up some Hennessy. That west coast bounce is unbeatable.

The Kid LAROI – “TRAGIC (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Internet Money)”

DP: This song gets me motivated, I always listen to it at the gym. “Pop Out,” isn’t necessarily influenced by this song but it gives me a similar vibe. Who’s going to be around when you have nothing and who’s going to try to be around when you have everything, type shit.

Tory Lanez and T-Pain – “Jerry Sprunger”


DP: The way Tory flipped the original song and put T-Pain on it 15 years after I’m Sprung was released is G.O.A.T shit. That’s an artist’s dream come true to be able to make that happen. The song gives me backyard barbecue or Sunday potluck vibes. “Vacation,” could be played right after and match that vibe.

Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey – “I Know What You Want (ft. Flipmode Squad)”

DP: This classic is a real collaboration. Everyone did their part on the song and the way Forty $even sang the hook on “Her Playlist” gave the album that real classic vibe the way Busta Rhymes gave, “I Know What You Want” a player’s touch.

Big Pun – “Still Not A Player (feat. Joe)”

DP:  This song is the sole inspiration for our album version of, “Not A Player.” We flipped the sample and made it our own. This song is beyond legendary to me. It took research to find out this sample is originally from Brenda Russell’s, “A Little Bit of Love,” released in 1979 — talk about a classic. We took it and gave it that Picasso Gvng flavor.

Lil Wayne – “Hustler Musik”

DP: This song is what made me a true fan of hip-hop. It’s raw and real. I had this on my playlist from when I was 12 to when I was 17 religiously, all day and even to this day (the song was released when I was 10, I’m a ’90s baby.) Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive in my opinion. I rock with his originality, his openness to try new styles and the fact that he’s always himself, 24/7. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be rapping. This record is very influential to me. Hustler Musik.

DP: I freestyled all my parts on this project, it was like a pen and pad were nonexistent. This is our debut project and I can’t wait for the world to see the talent I have under one umbrella. I have seven artists and 11 producers who all work together seamlessly, the world ain’t ready.

Check out Picasso Gvng University from DNA Picasso and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.