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Adiel Mitchell

It’s already the end of January. Time really flies when your country’s undergoing systemic reconstruction. It’s near impossible to dethrone political prioritization when there’s an insurrection at the capitol one week, articles of impeachment the next and inauguration after that —we the people, can only handle so much. To help get you back to reality and reprioritize those 2021 goals, we asked Denver pop, R&B artist, Adiel Mitchell, to curate this week’s #Now Playing playlist. This mix is the perfect head start to get you back on track. The playlist includes Bruno Mars, Ty Dolla $ign, Bryson Tiller, Megan Thee Stallion and more.

Adiel Mitchell: “I specifically picked these songs because each one inspired “Want it Now,” whether I was jamming to them in the moment of me working on the song, or they kept the groove going for me the way “Want it Now” does for me.”

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 Bruno Mars – “24K Magic”

AM: Hands down, this is my favorite song of all time. Whenever I hear this song I feel energized, I feel like I wanna dance and I feel like the coolest guy in the room. That’s the same kind of energy I felt was needed to bring “Want It Now” to life.

Dinah Jane – “Heard It All Before”

AM: Ahhhh I miss house parties. I knew this song was an instant bop the very first second I heard it. It’s got this Nu Jack Swing type vibe mixed in that is just an instant party starter. That touch of nostalgia in this song was extremely inspirational to the direction for “Want It Now.”

 Ty Dolla $ign – “Nothing Like Your Exes”

AM: The man has hits,  his voice is a hit, the musicality is a hit. You remember the movie, Roll Bounce? This track makes me wanna hop on some roller skates and just vibe in a rink.

Bryson Tiller – “Always Forever”

AM: You can’t drive to a better song. This track gives me the light night drive home type vibes where you driving somewhere and you got like an hour or so left and it’s kind of rainy, but the heat is hitting just right so you cool with it? You know what I’m talking about?

Chris Brown ft. Drake – “No Guidance”

AM: The dynamic duo had to make the cut. I don’t know what it is about Drake and Chris Brown but anything they musically are on, it’s a hit. From catchy hooks to suave melodies, I draw a lot of inspiration from the two of them in my music.

Nick Voelker – “Lilac”

AM: AYYYY Nick is my boy. We go way back and have been doing this music thing together for a long time now. I am always impressed with his songwriting, his vocal ability, his productions, and his creative approach to his craft. We both are some Aurora boys, so shoutout to the locals one time.

Ariana Grande – “34+35”

AM: Have you heard this song? It’s straight fire. Beginning to end. It stayed on repeat.

Jay Park – “V”

AM: I’ve been diving heavy into international waters when it comes to music nowadays. I am constantly amazed by his execution and delivery — Jay Park brings in all of his musical endeavors. He always brings something new to the table and I wanted, “Want it Now” to have that same impact.

IAMDDB – “Drippy”

AM: As DJ Khaled would say, “Another One.” Straight fire. This song is perfect to dance to and to just catch a vibe. I genuinely just enjoy this song.

DaniLeigh – “Monique”

AM: Play it again for the people in the back. This song is the one. I had this song on legit, no joke, 100 times a day. It didn’t have too much of an impact on the direction with “Want It Now” but whenever I need to step away from working on it, I put this song on and it hyped me up — every time.

Megan Thee Stallion – “Savage Remix (feat.


AM: Yeah yeah yeah, okay so I know y’all may have heard this song a lot but listen to it once more. It’s incredible. I was a fan of the original cause I think Megan is “dope af”  but when I heard the remix had Beyoncé on it, I never searched something up so fast. It’s so re-playable and that inspired me wanting to keep ‘Want It Now’ short and sweet so you have to play once more to really hear all of the references and moments in the song.

Kirk Franklin, The Family – “Melodies From Heaven”

AM: God is good all the time and all the time, God is good. I can’t do anything without praising God. Kirk Franklin was a huge musical influence on my childhood and my adult years. I like to start off my mornings with some gospel music and this song is always in the mix. I drew a lot of musical inspiration from this melodic masterpiece and infused it into the core of “Want It Now.”

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