Future Garden Agency Unveil Their Most Exciting Artist Lineup Yet for 2021

Kyle Hartman

Fostering some of the most promising talent to come out of the Denver Music Scene, Future Garden are expanding their 2021 roster with innovative talent. For the uninitiated, this organization is a hybrid talent agency, production company, and taste-maker rolled into one that is the brainchild of local music industry expert, Kyle Hartman. Future Garden serves as a forward thinking force in our community that is raising the bar on what Denver music can do. They have already helped harbor the creative talents of amazing acts like Neoma, Ramakhandra, Fred Fancy, and Ssiigghh. Now they are adding five new creatives to their line-up that are each well on their way to shaking up our local scene.

Here’s a first look at the Future Garden 2021 roster.

Adiel Mitchell

A multi-disciplined artist, Adiel Mitchell has proven to be one of the fastest growing musical talents in the Denver music scene. His blend of R&B and Pop wins over crowds, while his dancing abilities make him one of the most engaging artists to watch in our city. Each Future Garden artist is expected to be dropping new music this year, and Adiel Mitchell is up first with his new single dropping January 15th.


Little is known about this enigmatic artist who dawns a yellow mask. However, we do not need to see their face to hear their soul. With music that is packed with emotion, Cerval channels the best and worst this world has to offer and unleashes his power in sonic form. He is setup to be one of the most innovative artists to come out of this city to date, and has already begun spreading his influence from his first two singles Unavailable and Bodies in Motion.


Dr3am Ca$t, Future Garden
Photo Courtesy of Dre3amCa$t’s Facebook Page

New in form but veterans of the scene, the duo of N0bahdee and Ness have joined forces to create the video game music inspired group of Dr3amCa$t. To envision their arcade-hop genre of music, think about if your favorite lineup of Nintendo 64 games were sentient and making beats. Then you would begin to understand the creative energy this pair of artists bring to the table. If their live shows are an indication, they will be hitting our ears with plenty of nostalgic and futuristic beats.

Fred Fancy

Future Garden
Photo Courtesy of Fred Fancy’s Facebook Page

There is only one goal for Fred Fancy when he is behind the keys, and that is to make you dance. With disco, funk, and boogie influences, this artist keenly understands how to craft soundscapes that will get your feet moving. He knows how to keep his music authentic while still enhancing the genres that influence him. More than a throwback, Fred Fancy has the chops to make what was once old sound new.


Kainalu, Future Garden
Photo Courtesy of Kainalu’s Facebook Page

Trent Prall, AKA Kainalu, is the master of crafting feel-good psychedelic vibes. His debut album “Lotus Gate” is a testament to his own brand of Hawaii-fi music that captures his Hawaiian roots in funky form. Prall’s intricate blending of psych-rock and dance elements is sure to keep heads nodding and toes tapping through years to come. Most impressively, he does this all himself by being a talented and versatile multi-instrumentalist.

Levi Double U

Future Garden
Photo Courtesy of Levi Double U’s Facebook Page

Make no mistake, Levi Double U is a lover of donuts first. When he takes breaks from perusing offerings of fine pastries, he is cooking up dance music that is utterly delicious. From DJ sets to beat making, Levi is well versed in all matters of house and electronic sounds. 2021 is shaping up to be the year that Levi goes from supporting your favorite artists to becoming your favorite artist. With good eats and good beats, what more could you want?


Photo by Julianna Photography

There are few artists in Denver that are as influential and fast-rising as Neoma. She is ushering in an age of pop that is equal parts dreamy and cosmic. Her trajectory is set to have her skyrocketing towards national acclaim, and she is showing no signs of slowing down. There is no one else creating music like Neoma, and there probably never will be — no matter how hard imitators will try.


Photo by Kori Hazel

If the infinite void of space could create music, it would sound like Ramakhandra. Their sound can only be replicated by cosmic energies and otherworldly beings. 2020 saw their self-titled debut release, and there is much more to come from the measureless talent of this quartet.


Photo by Julianna Photography

If there is one of Denver’s best-kept secrets that deserves to be on everyone’s lips, it is Ssiigghh. Catchy beyond belief, their music perfectly captures the psychedelic sound of the moment. Ssiigghh’s music is infectious, with dance sensibilities that could go toe to toe with the big dogs of the genre. The world is waiting for more of this creative project, and 2021 could be their year.

Future Garden has certainly recruited some of the best and brightest artists in Denver to join their roster, and this means there will be even more great music for fans to enjoy. Expect big things from these nine musical projects this year.

Keep up to date with all of the Future Garden roster by visiting Future Garden’s website.

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