Colorado-Born, NYC-Bred Creatives Launch Beauty Brand, Frolik

Approachability. It’s what is embedded in the ethos of sustainable beauty line, Frolik, from the packaging to the feelings toward the first product in the line: face oil. Founders Erin Eastburn and Claire Fontanetta, both with almost decade-long careers in the fashion and beauty industries in NYC, knew they wanted to create their own products and bring their knowledge of the industry back to their home state of Colorado. 

Frolik launched in December 2020, with two face oil variations: Rise and Groove. Each oil is meant to achieve a different result – and the effects may be unexpected. Everyone’s skin is uniquely different, and the Frolik team wants to celebrate that and help customers feel educated about their skincare routine and how to enhance it.

Frolik Face Oils

Photo courtesy of Frolik.

303 Magazine: Why did you decide to start Frolik?

Erin Eastburn and Claire Fontanetta: We worked in beauty and fashion in NYC for over eight years and always knew we wanted to start our own beauty brand one day. We wanted to focus on face oils specifically so we could help resolve all of the misconception around how they should be used.

303: Who is Frolik meant for?

EE and CF: Frolik is truly for everyone. The “skincare junkie”, the skincare newbie, your mom, your brother, your BFF – anyone! Many people think [face] oils are only for those with dry skin. In reality, oils can help balance and protect all skin types. For some with naturally oily skin, face oils can actually trigger the body to produce less natural oils and balance the skin.

303: What do you want people to know about Frolik?

EE and CF: We want to provide real information about the surprisingly different results of face oils, depending on the type. We’ve received such amazing feedback from our customers that our oils have cleared up stubborn breakouts, softened fine lines and given people that coveted “glow.”

RISE is one of the oils we launched with. Think of it as a lighter oil that will absorb faster into the skin. We recommend RISE to those with oilier complexions or for morning rituals, pre-makeup.

Our other oil, GROOVE, on the other hand is best for those who love that dewy look and feel or have skin that’s more dry. GROOVE is great for evening routines before bed when slathering on an oil is totally acceptable — and encouraged! GROOVE can also be used as a makeshift highlighter for even more glow. Use it on cheekbones, bridge of the nose, or on the Cupid’s bow.

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303: What is a common misconception about face oil?

EE and CF: There’s so much misconception around how face oil should be used. Some people apply them like a serum, while others only apply oils and don’t follow up with any other product. Unfortunately, these applications won’t garner the best results. We recommend always applying face oils as the last step in a skincare routine (after your moisturizer and before SPF or makeup) to seal in moisture.

Another common misconception is that oils don’t actually hydrate the skin, they actively seal in moisture. Oils have a large molecule size, so most products applied on top of an oil won’t penetrate the epidermis. This is why we’re huge proponents of the order in which products are applied. Always start with water-based formulas (like a cleanser, toner, serum, or an active like Hyaluronic Acid or Vitamin C) and finish with oil-based products.

303: How have your past career experiences in the beauty industry helped you create your own brand?

EE and CF: Erin used to be on the marketing team at Erno Laszlo Skincare and Saks Fifth Avenue and Claire was a beauty editor at Marie Claire magazine and Refinery29. Our combined experience in both the marketing and creative fields really gave us a distinct vision of what we wanted to create and what was missing from the market. Throughout our careers, we also made valuable connections with fellow entrepreneurs who became mentors and gave us so much advice!

303: Why did you decide to start Frolik in Denver?

EE and CF: We’re both Colorado natives (Claire is from Colorado Springs, and Erin is from Boulder) so moving home just made sense. To be honest, we would have started Frolik while living in NYC had we not moved back to Denver for our other business, Metta Society, first. We’re glad we founded it here since there is a huge network of entrepreneurs and other female founders. It really gives us a sense of community!

Frolik Founder Erin Eastburn. Photo by Kelsey Ann Rose

303: What is something unique about Frolik, that customers may not know?

EE and CF: We truly believe that skincare should be fun, which is why we designed our packaging to inspire a more playful, creative beauty ritual.

303: Where do you see Frolik in five years? 10 years?

EE and CF: We definitely see ourselves expanding into other categories of skincare, body care and haircare one day! We can’t say much about that right now, but definitely stay tuned on new formulas to come.

303: If you could describe Frolik in three words, what would it be?

EE and CF: Playful, Efficacious, Approachable

Photo by Kelsey Ann Rose

303: What are your favorite things to do in Denver? Colorado?

CF: As much as I hate the term, I’m a self-proclaimed “foodie” and love to cook. Pre-COVID, you could find me checking out the latest new restaurant. In the last year, I’ve also gotten really into gardening and enjoying the art of baking different breads. Anything food-related, count me in!

EE: I don’t know Denver very well, as I moved here in August 2020 in the height of the pandemic. In my free time you can find me doing anything outside (I guess I’m a true Coloradan): skiing, hiking, drinking in a park, you name it.

Whether you’re a skincare novice, just starting to glide down the slippery slope of building out a skincare routine, or a seasoned pro, Frolik’s face oils are a great addition. The care and attention to detail given to these two products is apparent – from the packaging to their ease of use. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out their Instagram, please do. It’s adorable.

Eastburn and Fontanetta beauty industry from New York to Denver; a city with plenty of room to play in the local beauty and skincare landscape. We can’t wait to see what they do next.