Denver Announces $4 Million in Emergency Funds For Small Businesses, Restaurant Workers and More

On December 10, the City and County of Denver announced they will releasee an additional $4 million in COVID-19 emergency funds to support residents, workers and small businesses. The city will disperse $1.5 million to local small businesses that have been negatively impacted by state-mandated closures. Additionally, $1 million will support restaurant and hotel workers living in Denver that have been laid off, furloughed or who have experienced a severe loss of income. The remaining $1.5 million will go towards the Temporary Rental and Utility Assistance program.

“Many people and families are hurting personally and financially due to the coronavirus, and it’s imperative we work in coordination with our state leaders to provide additional relief for our residents and local businesses,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.

Since the start of the pandemic – Denver has deployed a total of $184.7 million in funds. In addition to $15 million in FEMA funds – the city has also allocated over $40 million to support citywide operations.

“We are doing everything we can to maximize our local funding and resources to support the Denver community hardest hit by the pandemic, but without any additional federal stimulus dollars from Congress, tens of thousands of Denver workers will lose their pandemic unemployment, businesses will lose tax credits and deductions that have helped them avoid laying off or furloughing more workers. Congress must act to keep our economy out of a double-dip recession and even more pain and struggle for our residents,” said Mayor Hancock.

Congress has yet to decide on a new stimulus package provided by the federal government. However, top Democratic leaders in congress endorsed a $908 billion proposal – a considerable starting point. The bipartisan package, “wouldn’t be the answer, but it would be immediate help for a lot of things, quickly,” said president-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. in a virtual event.

Applications for COVID-19 Relief Funds are not available yet. Please continue to check for updates at Denver Economic Development & Opportunity. For more information on COVID-19 Relief Funds, go here.