Lime is Offering Free Rides on Election Day 2020

In a recent press release, Lime stated that the company is offering free e-scooter and e-bike rides on this year’s election day – November 3, 2020. Lime’s initiative is to reduce transportation barriers that voters may experience – such as cost or lack of transportation to the polls. The micro-mobility company also suggests that their solution permits social distancing – unlike many other cab and Uber options. CEO Wayne Ting stated, “at Lime, we are focused on doing all we can to register voters, ease access to polls, and encourage our riders to vote.”

Photo Courtesy of Lime

The company also shared its success with free Lime rides during the 2018 US Midterm Elections – confirming it was their most successful promotion at the time. In the same year – Denver Public Works reported that within a five-month time frame – Denverites traveled over 950,000 miles via Lime e-scooters alone.

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Lime also shared the company’s concern for climate change and expressed the urgency for climate justice in this year’s election. Their partnership with When We All Vote – an organization co-chaired by Michelle Obama – aims to provide transportation that is not only free – but also sustainable. According to Ting, “Healthcare, climate change and the future of so many cities we serve are on the ballot in 2020.”

Rides with Lime are accessible through the promotional code LIMETOPOLLS2020 – which allows up to two – to 30-minute trips on election day.

To find a Lime e-scooter or e-bike near you – download the Lime app here.