Etc. Eatery In Denver Offers An Eclectic and Nostalgic Dining Experience

Photo Courtesy of Etc. Eatery

Denver’s newest eatery turns the word etcetera into a tangible experience. At Etc. Eatery, the menu is a collection of casual food from around the world. Though this restaurant has a little over a month in existence, the concept laid dormant in owner Tim Chladek’s head for years. It wasn’t until this past Mother’s Day when Chladek ran into the space by mere coincidence.

“I was getting Sushi Den for my mom on Mother’s Day and parked in front of this restaurant for sale. I moved quickly, it had a lot of outdoor seating, so it made a lot of sense,” Chladek said.

Chladek’s long history of partnerships with various bars across the state like The Regal in Aspen and Tryst in Denver became the precursor to his first majority ownership project with the help of investors and a silent partner. Having always been around restaurants and bars with global cuisine, the fare was inspired by destination-driven food.

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The menu offers comfort food from all over the world including Karaage (Japanese style chicken nuggets), Wisconsin cheese curds, Swedish meatballs, crab cakes, shishito peppers, Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, pork belly Bahn Mi and classic cheeseburgers.

With collaborative fare in tow, Chladek worked closely with Jeffrey Weston, executive chef, to execute worldly flavors in an approachable manner. Chaldek met Weston while consulting on the 7908 in Aspen.

“We talked about our favorite foods on the drive from Denver to Aspen all the time. He was the first person that came to mind because of his passion for food,” Chaldek said.

While the long list of global dishes offers a unique variety, it is also meant to be inclusive to vegans and vegetarians with items like the sloppy jack (braised jackfruit, bread and butter pickles on brioche buns), eggplant parmesan and a vegetable Bahn Mi in the works.  

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Though the menu piques some interest, the décor triggers serious nostalgia — making this eatery a welcoming space for all ages. Booths are wrapped in laminated vintage denim—repurposed from Chladek’s closet, the bathroom is decorated with old Wheaties boxes, a mosaic wall is made out of skateboard decks and bar tables are wrapped with unused clown balloons.

“I love the idea of modern relics. The food and space are meant to take people back to a simple time in life. It’s not meant to be anyone specific era just a mix of whimsy and nostalgia,” Chladek said.

It is located at 1472 S. Pearl St., Denver. It is open Wednesday through Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and closed on Tuesdays.


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