Freak-i$h Clothing Stands Up for Human Rights By Walking in the Protest America Fashion Show

Freak-i$h Clothing started from the desire to make sustainable clothes and create something impactful. On the brand’s blog, creator of the brand and former model Emelia Castro wrote “And one shitty day I laid on the floor of the fashion closet in a studio and took comfort in all of the beautiful clothes. And in that moment of anxiety and anger, I had a realization. I wanted to make clothes. I wanted to design and create and direct, way more than I wanted to be a pretty face in front of a camera.”

Because Freak-i$h stands for something much bigger than just clothing, it will be participating in the Protest America Fashion Show by being the only brand to walk. The guerrilla fashion event will take place on August 22 at 2 p.m. with the goal to bring art, fashion and human rights together in one large event. The gathering will occur on 16th Street between Welton and Tremont.

“Our goal is to gather people together to remember that we all have voices and we need to make sure they are heard,” Castro said.

Castro stated that as a company, Freak-i$h needed to be making strides to be better in every aspect they could. As a result, she not only made a brand that works on sustainability by only using recycled fabrics that “the rest of the world wants to throw away” but also one that inspires young girls and women to be confident people who “don’t give a fuck about what others think.” She also reports that Freak-i$h has no net-waste — a term that refers to materials that leave the studio as trash.

These ideals behind Freak-i$h are leading the company to the streets in August for the Protest America Fashion Show. With human rights movements and protests taking place in Denver and all over the world, people and brands alike want to continue to show their allyship for those in their community. The Protest America Fashion Show is one of the ways Freak-i$h Clothing is showing its support and living up to the dreams Castro’s had for a while.

“We want to be known as an ally and a friend, we want to be known as a company that will fight for what is right,” explained Castro. “While doing so, we want to show off some of our best outfits.”