Local Streetwear Brand Rich Mob Tendencies Encourages Freedom of Expression and Family Values

Rich Mob Tendencies (RMT) is a family-based clothing line established in February 2018 that incorporates the founders’ passion for streetwear-inspired style. Made up of Jalen Thompson, Jason Thompson, Taylor Juniel and William Owens, RMT embodies the core values that the family unit grew up with.

Our family has always taken great pride in being fashionable. Both our parents would make sure we stood out in a room and naturally, that mindset stuck. By the time we returned from college this common interest was one we all shared together,” explained the founders.

From there, collaboration took place amongst the group and the purpose for RMT’s existence unfolded.

“We all came back from college around the same time and started spending more time with each other. A topic we touch on often in these moments is creating generational wealth in a way we could enjoy doing it,” said the founders. “One day we talked and threw out the idea to start a clothing line. What better name than something we had been screaming for years, RMT.”

RMT group

What does RMT appreciate most about streetwear you might ask? The answer came naturally for this family. “Expression, freedom and creation,” stated the founders. Thus, it was a huge reward for them to be able to transfer their artistic energy into their apparel.

RMT came with a great deal of thought and consideration as a name itself. Overall, the vision was inspired to be both valuable and original.

“The essence of RMT encompasses diligence and wealth. Currency? Sure, however, our idea of Rich is deeper — money is only a tool to obtain happiness. Instead, we aspire affluence in health, spirit and love. Furthermore, through our brand, we promote these values and empower our RMT family to discover their best selves,” it states on their website’s front page.

“Each person has their own riches that are true to self,” the mission statement goes on. Moreover, the founders explained the term MOB in their name is actually an acronym that stands for “minority-owned business.”

“The tendencies are the habits and characteristics it takes to maintain or obtain those riches,” they finished.

There are a multitude of core values this family stands by and represents through their brand. These values include family, community, health, spirit and love. “By actively taking strides we can create any and every opportunity to make helpful change,” said the founders. They have done a great deal to lead and support minority communities through these historic times.

RMT red hat

Photo by Conor King

“We have done a number of things from peacefully protesting to engaging in thoughtful meetings. We are most excited about starting the Sir Sedric Donavan Gregg foundation. The foundation will be an extension of the clothing line and named after our loved one that recently passed,” they explained.

RMT will then designate specific products and put 100% of the profit they make towards a person and/or organization that applies for the grant in the community. “The grant is then awarded to a minority in the community that has either the best hustle, biggest positive community impact or best business plan,” the founders said.

During this historic time RMT hopes to see change and progression in the community and world collectively. “Times are hard and hearts are heavy — but this is no time for panic.”

“Radicals will set the standard for change and the moves we make daily will influence every generation after us. During this time, we would like to see other like-minded [people] find ways to educate our youth with accurate information. In addition, we would love to see more comradery between not only the minorities and majorities but all humans,” explained the founders.

RMT backpack

Photo by William Owens

In the near future, RMT has a few projects in the works. They have put emphasis on their black history collaboration with RagdollClothingCompnay. “We are adding onto some of our jean jackets — the custom artwork she paints on the jackets is amazing.” Historic figures such as Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali are also represented.

If you want to represent the Mile High City, RMT comes out with Denver-inspired gear with every big release. Stay tuned to see what they have in store for the near future.


For more information, visit RMT’s website here.