Red Rocks is Keeping Its History Alive With Weekly Lessons and Past Concert Footage

There are many incredible venues spread around our state. But regardless of personal preference, one opinion holds true — Red Rocks is one of the most unique outdoor amphitheaters in the world and a point of pride in the local and national music industry. With the effects of coronavirus possibly extending through the summer months, the hardest blow has been the looming cancellations and postponements of peak concert season, with some uncertainty surrounding how our Red Rocks summer will look like.

Although this uncertainty holds a lot of heaviness, Red Rocks fans can look forward to the amphitheater’s newest report. The venue’s Facebook page announced they will unveil historical information about the venue every week starting from their beginnings in the 1800s. The page will also sprinkle in some live footage from recent Red Rocks concerts.

As we can’t (for the time being,) head to Red Rocks for a concert, the idea of learning and honoring the history and performances that graced the venue’s stage feels like a positive alternative. As of now, the exact details of this new development have not yet been revealed. But your best bet is to follow them on Facebook and turn on notifications if you’re craving this type of content.

We will update this article with more information as this story develops.