A Master List of Music Teachers Hosting Online Lessons in Colorado

In the world of social distancing and stay-at-home orders, one of the ways to maintain ourselves busy (and sane) includes picking up new hobbies. As we are stuck in our homes, learning a new skill has never been more accessible, even when it feels the least possible. Music has always been an outlet to turn to for some in even the most precarious times, and learning a new instrument or honing in on your rusty skills has never been easier. The music learning world has seen a nose-dive in new students, considering even one-on-one interaction with people outside of your home is not a safe option. Many music instructors have learned to adapt or expand their teaching to include online courses taught through the glorious newness of our beloved interwebs.

In a time when all can feel futile, dipping your toe into the unknown realms of music lessons has never been more satisfying, and to top it all off — the teachers and institutions listed below need you more than ever as well. This level of connection is one of the few positive things to come out of this pandemic, reminding us that at the end of the day, leaning on others isn’t a bad thing but a necessary part of our humanity.

That’s why we’ve created a list of academies and individuals teaching music lessons across Colorado that you can take from the comfort of your own home. If you’re going to pick up a new skill, you might as well learn from the local best of the best.

If we haven’t managed to add you to the list, feel free to drop your information in the comments section below.

Academies and Studios

Do Re Mi Lessons

Photo Courtesy of Do Re Mi Lessons’ Facebook

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: Starting at $30 per lesson, $130/month

The Lowdown: Offering lessons in basically any instrument you’d like (voice, guitar, percussion, brass, woodwinds and strings,) Do Re Mi Lessons is a family-owned business specializing in both private and group lessons. Their online classes are run by professional musicians and span a wide variety of instruments. As an added bonus, they also sell music accessories and sheet music used during lessons.

Elevate Studios

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: Prices vary dependent on specialty, but start at $20-25 a lesson for 30 minutes

The Lowdown: Elevate Studios focuses on all that music lessons encompass, including teaching students how to collaborate with others, play a gig, start a band and interact with sound staff. They also offer lessons for those interested in learning the technical aspect of music, with a pro audio lesson track. On a personal note, Elevate Studios is donating all profits to the instructors during the COVID-19 crisis.

Global Sound Music Academy

Photo courtesy of Global Sound Music Academy on Facebook.

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: four-five lessons a month starting at $150/month

The LowdownOffering voice, guitar, bass, piano and drum lessons, Global Sound Music Academy is a one-stop-shop for students looking for personalized classes with professional musicians with music degrees. Private video lessons are offered Monday – Friday from 2 – 8 p.m.

School of Rock Denver

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: Prices vary dependent on specialty, but most start at around $150/month with weekly private lessons

The Lowdown: School of Rock Denver offers remote courses with interactive School of Rock-specific apps to further extend the learning process. They specialize in guitar, piano, vocal, bass and drum lessons.

Accent Music Lessons

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: Prices vary dependent on expertise, with introductory lessons starting at $27 per lesson

The Lowdown: Accent Music Lessons is a school that has been exclusively been teaching students in the comfort of their own homes since its conception. Expanding into the virtual sphere was a quick turnaround. They offer classes in piano, guitar, drums, violin and vocals.

Performance High

Photo courtesy of Performance High’s Facebook

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: Voice lessons are $239/month for weekly 45 minute lessons, Instrument lessons are $139/month for weekly 30 minute lessons

The Lowdown: Performance High has online one-on-one classes with talented instructors and also has additional video lessons including seminars like Music Business, Songwriting and Intro to Live Sound. Their specialty is in vocal lessons, with both instruction and coaching available.

Dana V Music

How to Contact: Register here

Cost: Varies depending on specialty and length, but begins at $140/month for 30 minute weekly lessons.

The Lowdown: Dana V Music offers vocal, guitar, ukulele, piano, violin, viola, clarinet and cello classes online through Zoom.

Stapleton Music Lab

How to Contact: Check out their website here. 

Cost: $25 introductory lesson, with $135/month pricing after that

The Lowdown: Stapleton Music Lab offers courses in voice, violin, drum, piano, guitar and more, with highly trained teachers. You can register for an introductory course on their website and they offer flexibility with their teachers if a certain teacher isn’t quite the right fit. 

Youth on Record

Youth on Record. Photo by Brittany Werges

How to Contact: Youth on Record is offering virtual versions of their classes either through local school programs or on their websit

The Lowdown: Youth on Record’s main objective is to provide music lessons and a music community to underserved youth. Their classes are taught by local musicians who will continue to get paid by the non-profit for as long as they are able. Youth on Record continues to teach and mentor these youths and also has online meet-ups including their FEMpowered group which focuses on empowering young women who have an interest in learning and making music. The group meets every Saturday from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. To donate to Youth on record, click here.

Swallow Hill Music
Swallow Hill Music, 303 Magazine, Morgan Bia, Heather Fairchild, Daniels Hall, Tuft Theatre, Denver Botanical Gardens, Four Mile Historic Park, Harry Tuft, Paul Lhevine, Barry Osborne, Denver Folklore Center

Photo by Heather Fairchild

The Lowdown: Swallow Hill Music — a staple in the Denver music scene — had to close due to COVID-19 related reasons in March. Thankfully, they have provided a list of all of their instructors during this time that remain teaching remotely. Check it out here.

Neighborhood Music & Theatre

How to Contact: Check out their website here. 

Cost: Varies depending on length, but 30-minute online private lessons begin at $30

The Lowdown: Neighborhood Music & Theatre offers virtual lessons for adults and kids in a variety of instruments, from piano and saxophone to ukulele and euphonium. They also offer voice, music theory, and songwriting lessons, via a network of seasoned and award-winning teachers, most of whom are also professional musicians. They offer a free trial lesson to get you started on your musical journey as well, making this a go-to option if you’re seeing what is the best fit for you.

Vocal Lessons

Kid Astronaut

Photography by Dan Fong.

How to Contact: Check out his website here


The Lowdown: Kid Astronaut is one of the more prolific voices in the local music scene and is offering voice lessons to those interested in learning from someone very much involved in the industry.

Rachel Eisenstat

How to Contact: Check out Eisenstat’s website here

Cost: Please contact Eisenstat directly for rates

The Lowdown:  Eisenstat is a Denver-based musician who has been gigging since she was 10 years old. Long before her first voice lesson, she was a kid in a Led Zeppelin cover band. Rachel studied classical and jazz voice under Dr. Debra Detwiler at Goshen College, where she also trained in music theory and classical guitar. Rachel teaches at Performance High in Denver, and previously taught at the Loveland Academy of Music in Loveland. Eisenstat teaches both voice lessons and coaching.

String Lessons

Andy Reiner

Photo by Scott Seifert

How to Contact: Check out his website here

Cost: Please contact Reiner for rates
The Lowdown: Andy Reiner, an award-winning fiddler, composer and educator, began playing at age five with the Reiner Family Band. He has since developed his own style featuring creative, rhythmic melodies, and thoughtful fusing of world styles. After earning a BM in Violin Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Reiner launched into a flurry of touring and teaching around the globe. He currently tours both as a solo artist and with groups Half Pelican (featured in the soundtrack to the Netflix series, “Godless”), Darol Anger and the Furies and Whitewater Ramble. He produces and hosts River of Suck podcast, interviewing musicians, scientists and more. He is also a Yamaha Performing Artist and a Codabow Ambassador.
Jack Cloonan

How to Contact: Reach out here

Cost: $160/month for four hour-long lessons

The Lowdown: Cloonan teaches mandolin and guitar currently, both beginner and advanced. He currently focuses on fiddle tunes on different instruments. Simple melodies can really open the door for knowledge on theory and chord changes, as well as scales. He also loves helping people learn songs, or learn more about songwriting. Cloonan has been playing music his whole life with his grandfather Patrick Cloonan in Chicago. He was ear trained to play fiddle tunes in second grade at pubs and parades with his family members. Cloonan recently started a Patreon page that will be uploading instructional videos breaking down standard songs and fiddle tunes. There will probably be a beginner video and an advanced video of each song to help people grow another step. He has flexible availability, Monday – Friday.

Olivia Shaw

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $30 for 30 minutes, $60/hr

The Lowdown: Olivia Shaw began playing violin at the age of three and has built a life around the creation and celebration of music. Trained classically in the studios of Laura Barnette, Dr. Marianne Perkins and Allegra Wermuth, she honed her precise technique and rich tone in a chamber ensemble setting. Shaw studied improvised styles and contemporary music while attending CU Denver for her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business with a minor in Violin Performance. Currently, her music career is steeped in many different genres, all complemented by her foundation in the classical world. Shaw currently plays with Extra Gold, a Denver-based country and western band, her bluegrass band, Mo’ High Mo’ Lonesome, and in classical ensembles for larger bands and special events. Shaw discovered a great love for teaching in the spring of 2017 and has since built a studio with the intention of helping students reach their musical potential in a fun and challenging atmosphere.

Lyle Long

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: Please contact Long for rates. His website includes a new student special

The Lowdown: Long has played guitar for 40 years and taught for 30 years at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. He teaches all popular musical styles. Lessons are focused on the students’ musical enjoyment and desires (with clear and concise guidance). Since moving to the North Denver Metro area in 2008, he has become one of the most in-demand guitar instructors in Colorado.

Josie Quick

How to Contact: Check out Quick’s website for contact information

Cost: Please contact Quick directly for rates

The Lowdown: A Boulder, Colorado native, Josie started her violin lessons in the St. Vrain Valley Schools music program. As her playing progressed she joined numerous orchestras including the semi-professional Boulder Philharmonic. Quick is a highly qualified violin teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience. During that time she has taught students ranging from four to 84, beginner to advanced. Josie is certified in Suzuki Violin pedagogy and has a strong foundation in traditional (non-Suzuki) training.

Piano Lessons

Megan Kelley

Photo Courtesy of Megan Kelley’s Facebook

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: Please contact Kelley for price inquiries

The Lowdown: Megan Kelley has been playing the piano since she was four years old, and is an accomplished songwriter, accompanist, singer, performer and composer. Classically trained, she also enjoys jazz, folk, pop, rock and musical theatre. She’s been teaching music to students of all ages and abilities since 1996. Music has not only been a craft to love and master, but also a gift to share and serve others in her community. In addition to teaching, she judges statewide piano competitions, develops curriculum for group keyboard instruction classes, mentors young musicians as a band coach, and is the head curriculum developer/lead keyboard instructor for Girls Rock Denver, a non-profit organization that empowers girls and young women through music.

Drum Lessons

Ryan Sapp

Photo courtesy of Ryan Sapp on Facebook.

How to Contact: Reach out here

Cost: Contact Sapp directly for hourly rates

The Lowdown:  Ryan Sapp has been teaching private lessons for over 26 years. His enthusiastic approach and positive reinforcement is part of his approach. While learning an instrument takes many hours of practice, Sapp believes that music should always be fun. Whether you are beginner, a student in school band, an aspiring professional musician, or a part-time hobbyist, he strives to make playing music an enjoyable experience.

Kirk Larson

How To Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $30 for 30 minutes, $50/hr

The Lowdown: Kirk Larson is a Denver-based drummer & drum instructor. He has been playing for 16 years and has been teaching for five years. He manages/drums for his band Kessel Run in Denver, as well as a few different side-projects. Aside from teaching private in-home or video lessons, he always teaches for Stapleton Music Lab, School of Rock, and Lessons in Your Home. Contact him now for in-person or online drum lessons. He is available afternoons, Monday – Thursday.

Multi-Instrumental/Music Production Lessons

Reed Fox

Courtesy of Reed Cameron Fox’s Facebook page.

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: First 30 minute lesson is free, contact Fox for further rates

The Lowdown: Reed Fox wants to give away free music lessons through Zoom, Skype, or Facetime because he knows there’s a ton of people feeling cooped up (especially kids home from school). He’s a music teacher with a Music & Audio Engineering degree and teaches 30 students weekly ages three and up — which is over 1,000 lessons a year. Message him if you or your kids would like to learn an instrument. Fox teaches guitar, piano and bass or music production lessons on Garageband, Logic, or Ableton.  He’s hoping to give something fun and light to do in these unimaginable times.

Jon Gauer

How to Contact: Check out his website here

Cost: Please contact him for price inquiries

The Lowdown:  Jon Gauer is a brass instructor, specializing in trombone, tuba, horn and trumpet who can also teach jazz improvisation on all aforementioned instruments. He takes pride in his work as a teacher and fundamentally believes that anyone with motivation and focus can become a skilled musician. Whatever a student’s goals may be — to prepare for an audition, join a rock band, learn to play jazz, compose original songs, or just improve their skills and have some fun in the process — his job is to guide them toward their full potential and help them get the most out of being a musician.

Kaite Watson/Aimerie

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $75/hr

The Lowdown: Kaite Watson, professionally known as Aimerie, is a music producer, DJ, software engineer and Ableton Certified Trainer based in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong musician, she began working with Ableton Live in 2011 to produce and perform bass music heavily influenced by her background as a flautist and love for the underground. She teaches music production using Ableton Live as well as DJing, to students of all ages and experience levels at The Black Box Studio. Outside of the classroom, she also offers group workshops and online private lessons focused on music production, sound design, creative workflows and hardware integration with Live.

Wil Snyder

Photo by Joel Rekiel

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $80/hr

The Lowdown: Wil Snyder teaches piano, guitar, drums, Ableton and songwriting. His method centers around speaking the language of music and learning it like a language. He believes everyone has the ability to play music and talent isn’t what is necessary — but willingness to develop a skill is. He doesn’t make people regurgitate sheet music but tends to incorporate reading into the curriculum as well. Each student’s curriculum becomes different quickly, as he individually carves them out as they go to best suit the student and their musical wants. His method allows artists to become themselves rather than being burnt out and turned away from their musicianship.

Andrew Forbes

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: Please contact him directly for rates

The Lowdown: Andrew Forbes is a Highland bagpipe artist with nearly 30 years of playing. He gives lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students. He specializes in both regimental Highland bagpipe tunes and also in traditional Scottish and Irish music as well. He was trained in Nova Scotia and played professionally since 2000.

Andy Sydow

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $35 for 30 minutes, $65/hour. Offering deal during coronavirus until August, buy three lessons, get the fourth one free

The Lowdown: Andy Syndow teaches all levels and genres for both piano and guitar. He got his degree in jazz piano from the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) in 2013 and has been teaching for a living for seven years. He tours the US and Canada with his group, Andy Sydow Band. More info on Syndow can be found on his website.

Jamie Nagode

Photo by Dave Brown

How to Contact: [email protected] or visit her website

Cost: First lesson free, $70/hr following the first lesson, sliding scale available for unemployed students due to COVID-19

The Lowdown: Jamie Nagode is a local musician in Denver offering music lessons in voice, piano and songwriting. She studied classical voice at the Hartt School of Music, held leading roles in multiple musicals and plays and specializes in teaching classical, jazz, musical theater and pop styles of singing for all ages and experience levels. She teaches beginning piano and music theory, as well as tailored piano and theory lessons for singers. Songwriting sessions are geared toward writing original pieces for recording, mixing/mastering and publishing. She currently sings in local band Bun Bun (@WeAreBunBun) as well as a few informal musical groups around Denver, under the moniker Snarklet.

Joshua Fenner

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: Please contact Fenner for rates

The Lowdown: Joshua Fenner teaches guitar, violin, mandolin, ukulele and piano. He has played ensembles ranging from rock bands, symphonic orchestras, chamber groups, mariachi and choirs. As an avid music educator,  Fenner currently maintains a studio through Swallow Hill Music, in-home lessons, and his online teaching platform.

Valerie Erickson

How to Contact: Check out her website for more info

Cost: Please contact her directly for rates

The Lowdown: Valerie Erickson is a trumpet, oboe, flute and piccolo teacher. She graduated in May of 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education (Instrumental Emphasis/Woodwind Specialist for Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, and Clarinet) with a double major in Music (Flute) Performance from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. She brings 31 years of flute experience since 1986 and has taught privately since 1999 (all levels, beginning through adults.)

Danial Mason/EOS

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $35/hour, $50 for two hours

The Lowdown: Danial Mason, produces and teaches under the moniker EOS. He has been writing and producing music for the past 15 years, both for himself and for others. He worked for three years as a Front of House audio engineer at a music venue five nights a week, mostly for bands. He also has worked since 2013 as a freelance audio engineer. During the past two years, he has started to share the knowledge he’s developed through lessons. He teaches universal theory for mixing and mastering on any system, as well as sound design and arrangement lessons in Ableton. He loves working in all genres of music and helping students develop their own sound based on their musical passions.

Sarah Mount

Photo courtesy of Sarah Mount’s Facebook

How to Contact: [email protected]

Cost: $50/hr

The Lowdown: Sarah Mount is a professional Denver based saxophonist technically trained, specializing in improvisation and well versed in any genre of music. Mount has been playing music since she was nine years old. She has been active in the Denver music scene in live performance, private lessons and as a session musician since 2013.