8 Colorado Instagram Style and Fashion Influencers You Need to Know

In recent times, many of us have found ourselves keeping some distance between us and the lovely creatives of Denver. Social media platforms have proven that you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to stay connected. Like so many others, social media influencers have taken to their favorite platforms to share moments of honesty and hope to their followers. In these times we have seen some Denver creatives shine. If you are taking this time of social distancing to connect with new creatives or revamp your style we have you covered.

We have rounded up some of our favorite local Instagram influencers who are making us appreciate our Denver style community, and are keeping us inspired during these times. 


Photo Provided by Sarah Fleck

Why follow: Sarah Fleck’s aesthetic is one of our favorites on the list. Her feed is a collection of clean and crisp photos that all flow well together. Mixed with her cool and chic style, you have an effortless cool-girl style influencer. Fleck is phenomenal at taking your basics and dressing them in a modern street style way. If you find yourself loving the trends of today such as oversized clothing, heavy layering and chunky sneakers, then @wutthefleck is the Instagram for you.


Photo Provided by Emi Zerr

Why follow: Emi Zerr is a model, art director and clothing designer. Her work features one-line paintings and drawings on upcycled clothing. Her feed highlights the work she is doing and gives an inside look into her process. Zerr’s next move is showcasing her new line during Spring Denver Fashion Week. Following her Instagram is a great way to keep up and get a sneak-peek at what’s to come in July.


Photo Provided by Alejandra Huerta

Why follow: Alejandra Huerta´s feed is eccentric, spunky and fun. She doesn’t shy away from playing with colors and prints which makes her style equally eccentric and enjoyable. She’s great for pushing boundaries and for showing you how to have fun within your own wardrobe. Huerta also uses makeup as another way to fuel her creativity and is using it to share creative content during these times of quarantine. 


Photo by Julie Gallahue 

Why follow: Jasper Bartolome shows us the luxuries of fashion from designer handbags to shoes. Keeping it classy, she styles every piece in a timeless and classic way. Her style is reminding us that there is a poshness that lives in Denver, one that rivals New York and Los Angeles. Bartolome will have you inspired to dress up for weeks, even in the comfort of your own home.


Photo Provided by Tabitha Shakespeare

Why follow: Tabitha Shakespeare is relatable and witty in her captions, making her feed personal and captivating. She feels like your big sister through a screen, and her closet is one we would definitely rummage through. From fun coats to playful accessories it is easy to see how her style has played a part in her gaining a following. If you are in need of a pick me up during these times and some style inspiration we recommend checking out Shakespeare.


Photo Provided by Divinen Chang

Why Follow: Divinen Chang is a familiar face in the Denver fashion world, having walked for Jasmine Lewis and Darkm0th for previous Denver Fashion Week’s. Chang is not shy in front of a camera, making for an Instagram feed that exudes confidence, with a style to match. His smooth and smart style mixed with vintage-inspired pieces is just one great example of menś fashion in Denver.


Photo Provided by Krissy Simmons

Why follow: Krissy Simmons is a southern gal bringing western glam to the streets of Denver. Through her Instagram feed and lifestyle blog, she proves to be the #bohobabe of this list. If flowy maxi dresses, wide-leg pants and earth tones are your things, then give her a follow immediately.


Photo Provided by Jayde Gill

Why follow: Jayde Gill is bringing her London style stateside. Taking everyday wear and dressing it up with tailored pants and bright colors. Gill isn’t afraid of fun prints and bold textures and that is shown through her feed.

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