9 Local CBD Items That Taste Good and Will Help You Chill out

There is no question that the recent changes in our daily routines due to the global pandemic and resulting stay-at-home order have affected our anxiety levels and general mental state.

Fortunately, Coloradans have long embraced the use of CBD oils to reduce anxiety, depression and physical pain. Local businesses have embraced the benefits of CBD and combined it with their entrepreneurial spirit to create some tasty products worth trying.

If you have been thinking about trying some locally sourced products infused with CBD goodness, check out these local heavyweights and their delicious CDB edibles.

Dram Apothecary

Photo Courtesy of DRAM Apothecary.

Where to get it: At boutique grocers like Mondo Market, NOOCH Market and online.

The Lowdown: The industry leaders are well-known for their award-winning CBD-infused sparkling beverages. In September of 2019, Dram Apothecary partnered with Coors to expand the distribution of its Adaptogenic CBD Sparkling Waters. Each can contains 20mg of CBD and adaptogens which are used to relieve physical and mental stress. The seltzer flavors include lemongrass, ginger grass, sweetgrass and its trademarked Beauty Bubbles — a refreshing blend of bilberry and rose water.

Dram Apothecary also carries Big Mood CBD Drops used to soothe mood swings and emotional fragility. You can take the coconut oil-based drops with your coffee or your favorite drink. Additionally, you can drop the desired amount directly under your tongue.

Editor’s note: A former version stated Coors helped with expanding their production. However, they only helped expand their distribution. The article has been updated accordingly. 

Sträva Coffee

Strava Coffee

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Webster

Where to get it: At local coffeeshops like Blue Sparrow Coffee, SloHi, Drip or online.

The Lowdown: Sträva Coffee created one of the first CBD-infused roasts in Colorado. The local coffee roaster works with organic hemp extracts to create the perfect balance of caffeine and CBD. Its roasts range from 4mg to 20mg of CBD per 8-ounce cup of coffee. Enjoy a cup of medium or dark roast or even decaf by ordering a bag through Sträva Coffee’s online store.


1906 CBD Chocolate

Photo Courtesy of 1906

Where to get it: At local dispensaries like The Clinic Colorado, Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique, The Green Solution and online.

The Lowdown: What separates 1906’s products from other edibles is its fast-acting technology. Thanks to a patented lipid microencapsulation process, its CDB-infused chocolates will take effect within 20 minutes or less. Additionally, the company’s chocolatier sources the best artisanal cacao to make delectable dark or milk chocolate. Each product is designed for a particular mood. Stock up on Midnight if you are looking for a good night sleep, Go if you are low on energy or Chill if you need relaxation.


Present Sparkling Water

Photo Courtesy of Present

Where to get it: At Argonaut Liquor, 14ER Brewery, Capitol Market and others.

The Lowdown: Last year, Left Hand Brewing delved for the first time into the world of CBD-infused beverages and released Present. The line of seltzers combines citrus flavors with an infusion of locally-sourced hemp extract for a fresh and soothing taste. Each can contains 20mg of full-spectrum CBD distillate provided by WAAYB Organics- a Colorado-based company that uses USDA-certified hemp. Present Sparkling Water is available in three flavors: blood orange, lemon-lime and natural.



Photo Courtesy of Stillwater

Where to get it: At local dispensaries like High Level Health, Euflora, Good Chemistry and others.

The Lowdown: Stillwater, the Colorado-based company that created RIPPLE, started with everyone’s curious grandmothers in mind. It wanted to create a product that would make THC and CBD beginners feel safe during their first experience. In turn, Stillwater created RIPPLE. Unlike the other products, this one is meant to be flavorless. The dissolvables contain a balanced dosage of THC or CBD. Its CBD product, Relief, comes in 10 individual packets, each containing 20mg of CBD and less than a milligram of THC. It can be mixed with any food or drink, taking effect within 15 minutes.

Backyard Soda

Backyard Soda

Photo Courtesy of Backyard Soda

Where to get it: At local shops like Little’s Wine & Spirits, RiNo Liquor, Carbon Cafe or online.

The Lowdown: Backyard Soda came to be as a solution for people who want to be social but don’t want to feel the pressure to drink alcohol. Therefore, the company produced a line of sodas infused with Colorado-sourced CBD syrups. Each can contains 15 mg of full-spectrum CBD, enough to get a complete effect of the hemp plant. Flavors include mango-jalapeño, ginger-lime and lavender-lemon.

Additionally, Backyard Soda sells separately the CDB Simple Syrups used for their sodas. The serving also contains 15 mg of CBD and can be used for cocktails and additional recipes on its website.

Rosebud Ice Cream

Rosebud Ice Cream

Photo Courtesy of Rosebud Ice Cream

Where to get it: At Marczyk Fine Foods “The Ace”, Marczyk Dine Foods “The Deuce” and Leevers Locavore Northside.

The Lowdown: There are few things a good scoop of ice cream can’t fix. Coupled with a touch of CBD, Rosebud’s ice cream is the perfect dessert to end a stressful day. Rosebud Ice Cream got its start in the Midwest but eventually set up permanent shop in the Denver area. It carries three flavors: OG Dreamsicle, a blend of sweet cream and zesty orange, Lemon Hazberry, a mix of natural juices of berries, and Mounty Maple, vanilla bean with maple syrup.

St. Bernie’s CBD

St Bernies CBD gum

Photo Courtesy of St. Bernie’s CBD

Where to get it: At local markets and St. Bernie’s CBD online store.

The Lowdown: While St. Bernie’s features several CBD products, from oils to gel caps, its gum is a minty break from anxiety-ridden moments. St. Bernie’s, though located in Eerie and Boulder, starts its production in the rain forests of Central America where it sources chicle– a natural rubber latex originally discovered by the Mayans. Then it is handcrafted with broad-spectrum CBD sourced from hemp grown in the Coloradan mountains. In other words, this kind of CBD has had any traces of THC removed. Each piece of gum contains 15 mg of CBD. St. Bernie’s CBD gum comes in a variety of flavors, including Refreshing Mint, Buttered Rum, Blackberry Brandy and Moscow Mule.

Sweet Grass Kitchen

Sweet Grass Kitchen Cookies

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Grass Kitchen

Where to get it: At local dispensaries like LivWell Pearl, Euflora, AMCH and others.

The Lowdown: Baked goods tend to be a traditional vehicle for CBD edibles. However, Sweet Grass Kitchen prides itself on creating a variety of delectable cookies that leave no room for confusion on how much CBD you are digesting. The small-batch bakery makes two options for CBD edibles — Double Chocolate CBD Cookie and Chocolate Chip CBD Cookie. Made with full flower cannabis butter, the double chocolate contains a 20:1 ratio. This means one serving has 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC. The chocolate chip cookie has two different dosages, 10:1 and 1:1 ratio — which means you can either have 10mg of CBD with 1mg of THC or 50mg of CBD with 50mg of THC.