Independent Venue Hi-Dive is Offering $50 Concert Credits Towards Future Shows

It’s a tough time to be in a creative field and for facilitators of the arts, especially independent ones. Like many venues, one of Broadway’s premier local digs, Hi-Dive is struggling to stay afloat without a calendar full of performances to reel in crowds of concert-goers. As one of Denver’s last remaining independent venues, Hi-Dive as its tag may suggest, does not have the backing from a larger parent company like The Bluebird and the Fillmore Auditorium who are among many others that are owned by AEG Presents and Live Nation, respectively. So, in order to counteract one of the most troubling aspects of the spread of the Coronavirus, Hi-Dive is getting creative and selling $50 concert credits good for any upcoming performances at the venue once they are actually able to host people again. 

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Supporting the Hi-Dive supports the local music scene, as the majority of shows that pack out the venue are those of a local following and origin. In addition, the bar and venue is also selling merch and general gift cards, doing whatever they can to make some income until at least May 11 when the ban on gatherings of more than 50 people is potentially lifted. Even local group SPELLS released a song as an ode to the famed venue with all proceeds going straight to the Hi-Dive.

Time will tell how the Coronavirus runs its course, but supporting our local businesses is a way we can ensure that our institutions remain intact after all is said and done.

Photo by Brittany Werges