This Drone Video Shows How Empty Denver’s Streets Are Right Now

Earlier today, Governor Jared Polis said there are approximately 60-percent fewer cars on Colorado roads right now, in comparison to before the Stay-At-Home order. No one has quite captured this drastic shift better than Blake Rubenstein. Taking to the streets during lunch hours last week, the Denver-based drone operator was initially motivated to capture this surreal time after seeing a similar project.

“I saw a drone video that showed Boston’s empty streets, as they went on lockdown before we did. I thought it was surreal, ephemeral, sad, but also hopeful for what’s to come when we can get back out and enjoy our city again,” he explained.

While his typical job includes making drone videos for large companies like Twitter, Rubenstein says he’s been focusing more on lifestyle projects that show how people interact with their environment. “That’s part of why this particular (video) can be jarring to most,” he explained, in reference to the lack of people seen in the footage.

During the production of the video, which took place over March 24 and March 26, Rubenstein explained the actual experience is just as surreal as the video shows.

“Seeing Larimer Square and 16th Street Mall with hardly anyone around was a sight I’ve never seen before. I easily maneuvered through the streets and found free parking everywhere. The amount of spots I was able to hit in a short amount of time was awesome, but it was weird,” he said.
Even though the footage can inspire a sense of isolation, Rubenstein says one shot, in particular, gives him hope. “I just thought it was awesome they’re still getting Coors Field ready for baseball. I’m a huge baseball fan and still play amateur, so not having it in my life right now leaves me with a lot to be desired,” he said.
Continue on below to watch the video in full and tell us in the comments how it’s made you feel.