303 Style Profile – Vanessa Ribota on Leaning In and Saying Yes

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Style blogger, Vanessa Ribota, is the first to tell you that it’s not about the number of times you fail. Rather, it’s about the effort you put in. There is an element of fear we face when we start to put our work out into the world. It’s a fear Ribota is familiar with, but by fully immersing herself into her work and passions, she has gained confidence like never before. This led to a major push in an upward direction for Ribota, who will be stepping into some exciting projects in the next year. She recently spoke with 303 Magazine about saying yes to the things that challenge her and how fearlessly going for her goals was the key to her success.

303 Magazine: How would you describe your style?

Vanessa Ribota: I like to describe my style as confident and chic. I am a true believer that the way you dress ways heavily on the way you carry your day. For me, I choose pieces that make me feel confident and make me feel ready to take on my day. Neutral and timeless pieces draw me in, pieces that I can easily dress up with hair and makeup.

303: What drew you into style and fashion? 

VR: My love for fashion and style has been something that was installed in me as a child. I have always been very opinionated and loved having control over what I wore. However, I do believe that since becoming a fashion blogger I have found a whole new meaning of my love for fashion. I love how confident your favorite jeans can make you feel. I love thinking of all the memories that you’ve made when you throw on your little black dress and I love the way you feel when walking into the office wearing a brand new blazer ready to handle the day.

303: In a recent Instagram post you said, ” I started saying yes to the things that made me uncomfortable.” How have you seen this change things in your life?

VR: Yes! This is something that I actually started doing last year and will definitely be taking into the new year. Saying yes to things that make me uncomfortable has provided me with new opportunities that I honestly didn’t think I would have for a while. Last year, it allowed me to meet people in the influencer and fashion community here in Denver. The best way this has changed my life was that it gave me such a major confidence boost personally and in the industry. I have definitely taken it into my own hands to create my own opportunities throughout as well.

303: When it comes to being an influencer in Denver, what challenges have you faced?

VR: Being an influencer is something that I honestly find so enjoyable. The biggest challenge I faced was finding a community and start. For the longest time, I didn’t think that Denver was home to many influencers. I struggled to find a community that was excited to inspire and create. For so long I put off starting my journey. I felt that being an influencer was just something I could not carry out living in Denver. To overcome this, I intermittently attended events that helped me meet people in the community who are passionate about inspiring the way I am.

303: When it comes to diving in and starting the journey in social media influencing, what advice do you have for others?

VR: At the beginning of my journey, I saw that it’s difficult to get brand deals and really just share my name in the community, but going back to saying yes to everything that makes you uncomfortable, I began to ask for opportunities I thought were years in the works and at the risk of being denied. I really just wanted an idea of where I could improve to later come back and work with these brands. I can confidently say that every brand deal that I’ve gone out and asked for, I [got]. My biggest advice is just to ask. Worst-case scenario, you don’t get it and ask why so that you can gain growth from the experience. Be confident in what you do.

303: What future plans are you most excited about? 

VR: I have always been a girl on fire. I have many projects in the works that all involve inspiring women to feel their best. This year I am excited to be partnering with my best friend, Rebecca Valles, to start our own podcast called The Style Life, where we will guide women on styling everything from their day, their mind, even their closet. I have spent several years working for retailers that focus on making women feel bold, confident and sexy. With that, I am excited to bring you my very own boutique in 2021.

Photography by Madison McMullen.

Location Union Station.