303 Style Profile – Self Starter Emma Marlow on Confidence and Managing an Online Presence

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The world of blogging and social media influencers has successfully showcased fashion as a personal experience that invites others to participate in this movement. Local Denver blogger, Emma Marlow, of Bravado Brunette shares her personal style through her thrifted finds and love of all things vintage. Through her blog, Marlow covers lifestyle, fashion and travel inspiration for “souls with messy hair and starry eyes.” Marlow’s love for public relations and brand connection led her to become the self-starter that she is today. Marlow, with her bubbly personality and infectious smile, met up with 303 Magazine on Larimer to chat about confidence, having an online presence and her current projects.

303 Magazine: How has fashion shaped your worldview and aspirations?

Emma Marlow: I think fashion as shaped my worldview and aspirations because it has been one of the constants in my life. I always knew that if I wasn’t confident in one part of my life, I would at least be confident in my style and clothing, and I found myself through my style which helped me realize how much of a self-starter I actually am. I try not to let my clothes “wear me” rather, I would be the one wearing the clothes because my style is just an extension of who I am. I think it gives me so much confidence because if I’m able to make non-traditional pieces work for my everyday life and get compliments from strangers on my style. I can literally do anything I set my mind to. If I can be able to wear whatever I feel like, I can do anything.

303: What does it take to keep a fashion blog up and running? What trials have you had to overcome?

EM: There’s no secret sauce to keep your online platforms running and everyone has a different way of creating, but I found for me it honestly just takes a strong will, perseverance, consistency (that’s the big one) a routine and an untouched place or thing that will give you constant inspiration. For me, this always seems to be somewhere far off in the distance wherever that may be because taking myself away from the daily routine opens me up to more ways of creating and new ways of living.

I always have to conquer the lack of creativity and feeling as if my work is actually doing something. Like a lot of others, I’ve dealt with the burnout and low mental states and it’s important to recognize when you need a break to just decompress. You want to be able to create meaningful work and if you’re doing that on an empty tank you’re just putting work out there. You want to be able to come back with something brilliant and magical.

303: What do you look for when investing in a new garment?

EM: I always find myself looking for versatility and longevity. I always love looking for vintage and thrifted pieces because the quality is usually top-notch for a fraction of the price. Finding pieces that are quality and work with a lot of my wardrobe are essential.

303: How would you explain your personal style?

EM: My style is pretty bohemian with modern influences, and I try to incorporate subtle current trends. I find myself shopping at vintage shops and thrift stores on Broadway the most.

303: What trends are you most excited about?

EM: Lately, I have been really excited to see people wearing puffy sleeves, tailored clothing, satin everything and bulbous jewelry.

303: What advice do you have for anyone that wants to get involved in PR and social media?

EM: My advice is to get out there as much as you can whether that be through networking events, creative meet-ups, or even just setting up your makeshift tripod system to get that perfect shot. I never knew how involved I wanted to be on social media until my friend and I went to go take test shots on her new camera when we were in high school. After seeing those shots I wanted to get so much more involved. I’d also recommend finding a mentor or two to get more connected, find inspiration, ask questions and have a second pair of eyes looking at your improvement. If it weren’t for my mentors at school, I wouldn’t be as confident in my ability today.

303: What are your further career plans?

EM: Since I am about to graduate, I am constantly looking for what’s next, and right now I’m looking in digital communications, social marketing and PR. I’m always trying to perfect my craft, so I know I want to expand on my education in the digital communications world and to continue to focus on reshaping my personal brand. Who knows what connections I’ll make? Maybe I’ll go back to school for political science, computer information systems hospitality or even fashion merchandising. I feel like I’m 100 percent, but I can definitely get to one-fifty.

All photography by Lauren Magin.


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