Slow Soul Life is Denver’s Newest Sustainable Fashion Collective

Mecla Soyer, owner and creator of Slow Soul Life, began her fashion journey when she studied fashion design and marketing at the University of North Carolina. Her drive to be in a big city led her to move to New York City after she graduated. Soyer decided to create her own sustainable clothing store from extensive experience in the fashion industry. In addition, she has worked with designer clothing in various positions. “No matter the position I held, the design process of each collection intrigued me,” said Soyer. “That passion, combined with my love for styling and dressing people inspired me to open my own clothing store.”Slow Soul Life red dress Slow Soul Life is a sustainable line Soyer crafted as she started to become aware of the contributions of slow fashion. Her decision to design a clothing line sustainable and ethically made had a strong influence on her mindfulness for fast fashion. Moreover, she took into account the effects of surplus waste that contributes to the industry.

“Two years ago, I started designing my current collection and I honestly had no idea where it would lead me. I took my time designing four styles inspired by what I wanted to wear every day. Furthermore, I wanted to design thoughtful pieces that were versatile, comfortable and made to last,” explained Soyer. It was my creative outlet while I figured out my next path”

While starting a store of your own has both challenges and triumphs, Soyer dissected multiple ideas before moving forward. One of her goals is to surround people with knowledge of sustainable fashion practices and how the community can contribute. “I wanted to offer collections made with slow, ethical intentions,” said Soyer. Slow Soul Life has meaning behind it to embrace a “slow” lifestyle and connect a deeper meaning to things around us. People, food, art and clothing are some of those things. “To me, the soul of slow fashion is connecting people to the creative process of each designer and to the hands, faces and stories in every piece of clothing,” said Soyer.Slow Soul Life beanie Both private label and various designers are integrated into Soyer’s clothing line. These designers display their own unique characteristics. Moreover, how they incorporate conscious clothing made honestly. “It’s important for me to feel a connection to the stories behind the clothing. I love to see the different perspectives of each designer as they connect their creativity with sustainability. That’s the part that really draws me to them,” explained Soyer.

Slow Soul Life has a bright future ahead as it continues to grow and expand. New designers will join — as well as a few collections at a time. This process for Soyer means the community will be confident and knowledgable in how each designer works.

“For the Slow Soul Life private label, my plans are to continue to work with dead-stock fabric. I also choose natural fibers as much as possible. As needed, I’ll offer new colors in all four styles. As I get to know the needs of my customers, I would like to introduce one or two more styles by Fall 2020,” shared Soyer. In addition, I’m excited to continue to meet other creatives and organizations to discuss ways we can work together. Moreover, how we can build an intentional community that’s educational and welcoming to everyone — no matter where they are on their sustainable journey.”

Consumers can shop the collection online at Slow Soul Life as well as schedule an appointment to shop one-on-one with Soyer at her private office at Charley Co. “Each appointment molds to fit the needs of the client in a low pressure, relaxed environment,” explained Soyer. She encourages customers to make an appointment to help them get to know the style and fit of clothing. Furthermore, add remarkable made pieces to their wardrobe or help style them for meaningful occasions in their lives.

Soyer’s office is open by appointment at Charley Co. at 3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver.

All photography by McLernon & Co., Tia Lorae.