Crooked Stave to Reopen Its Original Location While Closing Its Rino Taproom

Photo Courtesy of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project on Facebook

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project has announced that after gaining resounding positive feedback from the public from temporarily opening its Friends and Family taproom during the Great American Beer Festival this past October it will now reopen its original location.

The original location residing in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver will have its Grand Opening on January 9, 2020, as part of Crooked Stave’s ninth anniversary which takes place on January 10. The celebration will involve special tappings, limited can and bottle releases and more in honor of the day.

Photo Courtesy of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project on Facebook
The Sunnyside taproom which was originally opened in 2012 – was remodeled in mid-2015 with additions of a wooden interior ceiling, barn wood trim and a large 20-foot window giving you view into the Foeder Cellar. Crooked Stave also plans to offer guided tours of the brewery during taproom hours giving patrons the chance to explore the 25 hecto Liter Brewhouse and Coolship, the extensive Foeder Cellar and Barrel-aging Cellars that make up the space.
“We’ve done a lot to the original space, the view into our Foeder Cellar is truly one of a kind and allows visitors to see the love and passion we put into our beers. We believe patrons will feel at home while getting an authentic experience right here where all the magic takes place each and every day,” stated Yetta Vorobik-Yakobson co-owner and president of Crooked Stave.
Photo courtesy of Crooked Stave.
As the original taproom reopens, Crooked Stave has decided to close the door on its RiNo location at The Source Hotel & Market Hall. Official closing date has not yet been set. Crooked Stave aims to focus its energy on the Sunnyside location and getting back its roots.
“We couldn’t be more excited to re-open our original taproom location in the Sunnyside neighborhood Brewery. It’s really where it all started for us, it was a place where people could come in and be a part of something that felt new and exciting. We are hoping to rekindle that feeling. I’ll be it with more of a brewery focus and presence that feels like us. With the Source RiNo Taproom closing, we are excited to start this new chapter of community in the Sunnyside neighborhood,” said Chad Yakobson, owner and brewmaster of Crooked Stave.
For more information, keep up with Crooked Stave’s social media accounts at @CrookedStave on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Sunnyside taproom is located at 1441 W. 46th Ave. Unit 19, Denver.

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