20 Nonprofits to Contribute to on Colorado Gives Day

On this Tuesday, December 10 you can help support Colorado nonprofits during Colorado Gives Day. This year marks the 10th anniversary of statewide giving with a chance to give back to the communities and organizations that you love.

More than $217 million has been raised for Colorado nonprofit organizations since the first Colorado Gives Day in 2010 with the help of Community First Foundation, FirstBank and community members for support.

This year Colorado Gives Day has a $1.5 million incentive fund from the founding partners. This means that every nonprofit that receives 10% of the total amount of money raised through all nonprofits on the day will get an added 10% to its donations. With more than 2,500 nonprofits in the lineup and the added incentive program, it can be hard to choose who you want to give back to. Due to this challenge, we have compiled a list of some great organizations in the Denver area that are worth looking into.

The Arts

Photo Courtesy of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance on Facebook

Nonprofit: Cleo Parker Robinson Dance 

The Lowdown: Cleo Parker Robinson Dance (CPRD) is an international and cross-cultural institution that gives access to educational programs in African American traditions while providing performance, instruction and community programs for the general public.  

Nonprofit: Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe

The Lowdown: Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe (ADSF) is known nationally for its hundreds of creative businesses, galleries, artists and more. The district is dedicated to giving the public access to art with the help of a volunteer team.

Nonprofit: 5Point Film Festival

The Lowdown: The 5Point Film Festival is aiming to fund the Dream Project scholarship which helps student filmmakers tell their stories of adventure. The festival believes that change can be ignited through adventure films and the stories that people share.

The Outdoors

Photo Courtesy of Denver Botanic Gardens on Facebook

Nonprofit: Denver Botanic Gardens

The Lowdown: With three different locations (York Street in Denver, Chatfield and the Mount Goliath Alpine Trail on Mount Evans) the Denver Botanic Gardens gives visitors a chance to explore Colorado plant life. Programs from the gardens include research, art exhibitions, conservation efforts and more.

Nonprofit: 350 Colorado

The Lowdown: 350 Colorado is working locally to help build up the climate and clean energy movement. As the climate crisis intensifies, the need for action and sustainability is at the forefront.

Nonprofit: Colorado West Land Trust

The Lowdown: Supporting the preservation of wildlife habitats, recreational lands and more is the mission of the Colorado West Land Trust. Colorado West Land Trust ensures the lands are available for us today and the generations of tomorrow.


Photo Courtesy of Pop Culture Classroom on Facebook

Nonprofit: Pop Culture Classroom

The Lowdown: With the use of comic books and pop culture media, Pop Culture Classroom helps spread literacy and education. The organization has found that popular culture can be an amazing tool for diversity, inclusivity and engaging communities.

Nonprofit: Hope In Our City

The Lowdown: Hope In Our City helps the refugee communities in the Denver Area. With the belief that lasting change comes from engaging the community in a holistic manner, Hope In Our City aims to build life skills for youth to be contributing members of society.

Nonprofit: Impact360

The Lowdown: As a longterm youth development program, Mile High 360 provides 13 years of consecutive life skills, academic, health and wellness programs. The organization aims to prepare students from sixth grade to 24 years old to ensure a long life of success.

Nonprofit: No Barriers

The Lowdown: No Barriers helps students who live with disabilities, in foster-care and in poverty to push their limits and live a fuller life. No Barriers aims to help students see past their limitations and have no true barriers to their desires.

Nonprofit: Denver Children’s Choir

The Lowdown: The Denver Children’s Choir uses music to make a positive change in children’s lives. The organization provides in-school musical education with the help of DPS and after-school choir programs. Denver Children’s Choir will never turn a child away – no matter the financial situation or training history.


Photo Courtesy of Denver Museum of Nature & Science on Facebook

Nonprofit: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Lowdown: The Denver Museum of Nature & Science aims to help people learn about the amazing world they live in while also preserving it for future generations. Donations will allow the museum’s scholarship program to give scientific experiences to underserved students.

Nonprofit: Forney Museum of Transporation

The Lowdown: The Forney Museum of Transportation preserves the past with a collection that spans over 160 years of transportation history and related technologies. The museum continues to educate the community with unique pieces that represent the changing world.

Nonprofit: Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

The Lowdown: At the peak of innovation and expression –  the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is a space that allows artists to explore themselves. The MCA provides workshops for adults and youth to engage the community for a more culturally enriched society. Donations provide the MCA with funds to support the community and artists with a place to create dialog and inspiration.


Photo Courtesy of Denver Academy

Nonprofit: Denver Academy

The Lowdown: Denver Academy is a top-ranking school that is recognized locally and nationally. The school helps diverse learners who are looking to challenge themselves, lead to success and dive into school pride. Donations will go to helping Denver Academy widen their reach to every student.

Nonprofit: Denver Scholarship Foundation

The Lowdown: The Denver Scholarship Foundation pushes to inspire and empower students in Denver Public Schools to pursue post-secondary school education by providing knowledge, tools for success and the financial means to so. Donations will allow the Denver Scholarship Foundation to continue to help students in the Denver Area succeed.

Nonprofit: Denver Kids, Inc.

The Lowdown: Denver Kids helps children in Denver Public Schools who are in higher-risk environments take on high school, pursue the best post-secondary options and become successful members of their communities.


Photo Courtesy of Birds of Prey Foundation on Facebook

Nonprofit: Birds of Prey Foundation

The Lowdown: The Birds of Prey Foundation treats orphaned and injured birds of prey including hawks, owls, eagles and falcons. Their goal is to return these birds to the wild to continue as a healthy breeding population to flourish in their natural habitat.

Nonprofit: Colorado Pet Pantry

The Lowdown: As many human food pantries fill up for the holiday season, pets sometimes go to the wayside. Colorado Pet Pantry ensures that hungry cats and dogs are fed and are able to stay with their families.

Nonprofit: Denver Dumb Friends League

The Lowdown: The Denver Dumb Friends League helps save homeless pets that are in need of a second chance. The league takes in rabbits, horses, turtles and of course cats and dogs that each need help and a loving home.

If you want the full list of 2,500 nonprofit organizations to choose from for Colorado Gives Day you can check it out here