Behind the Scenes of Denver Fashion Week’s Avant-Garde Show

Fall ’19 Fashion Week is quickly approaching and Denver designers are continuing to prep for the week of events where they get to display their season’s best designs. Avant-Garde Night of Denver Fashion Week (DFW) — previously known as the Hair Show — will take place on November 10 at the Forney Museum of Transportation, featuring numerous designers and their collaborations with hairstylists and hair salons located across the city.

The designers and hairstylist collaborate in teams to create one-of-a-kind looks. Featured at this year’s DFW include Beauty Underground x Tyne Hall, Joe Denny x Rachel Marie Hurst, El Salon x Ammunition Couture, Rita B Salon x Equilibrium, Swank x Idiot Cult, Vanity Dollz x Mozze, Charlie Price, and Underground Studios x Femme Fatale Intimates. Designers will display the styles they have been working on for months, paired with hair looks created by some of Denver’s best hairstylists and salon owners.

We got the chance to talk with some of the designers and hairstylists to get a behind-the-scenes look at what they’re bringing to DFW this year.

Rachel Marie Hurst x Joe Denny

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303 Magazine: Tell us what Denver Fashion Week means to you?

Joe Denny: DFW is such a special event for me. I grew up in a town of 120 people wanting to do hair and dreaming of one day doing hair backstage at fashion shows and so to not only be one of the hair leads here in Denver, but to also have a segment in the acknowledgment of a lifelong dream.

303: Can you give me a little inside scoop on what you’re bringing to DFW this year?

JD: I am a lover of the truly avant-garde hairstyles — the ones where you look and think, “How in the world is that done?” So, many of my styles will be quite large with different uses of textures and materials. I really try to put a segment together in a way that builds and makes sense to the viewer so each and every style brings something to the overall show. That being said, I have some very tall and gravity-defying styles that I am quite in love with.

Beauty Underground x Tyne Hall

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303 Magazine: Describe the style of the designs we can expect to see from you at this year’s DFW.

Tyne Hall: I am working with Beauty Underground. Our collection is inspired by Grace Jones. This was truly a challenge for me, as I’m not really an avant-garde designer and my aesthetic leans more gothic. But I love a challenge and being out of my comfort zone allows me to fine-tune my skills and grow creatively. So I asked myself, If Grace came to me for a custom look, what would I design? I tried to keep everything very sleep and play on some of those iconic looks Grace wore. Keep the strength for which she is known for while adding in some of the softer touches I love. I’m really excited about this collection.

303: What does being a part of Denver Fashion Week mean to you?

TH: DFW is a great platform to show your work to a wide range of people, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I think for me, the community of artists has been the most enriching part of DFW. Being around so many talented people and collaborating with other artists, as we often do at DFW, pushes me to define my aesthetic and expand my creativity.

Swank x Idiot Cult

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303: What have you been working on for DFW this year?

Morgan Febrey (Idiot Cult): Heavy Metal Couture. During a recent visit to Paris, I hit the Catacombs — 200 miles of human remains. It’s surreal. When literally face-to-face with countless human skulls, it’s hard to not reflect on your own life. Knowing we all share the same ultimate fate. Idiot Cult will be debuting our Bones Collections which is the personification of that sentiment.

Miranda Vinyard (Swank): We are working with fabric this season to create sculptural hairpieces. Because we are collaborating with Idiot Cult on Avant-Garde Night, we wanted to think outside the confines of hair to create something less literal and more fantasy-like. It has been an honor over the years to work with so many talented individuals.

303: What does being a part of DFW mean to you?

MF: There’s no higher recognition in Colorado than to have DFW ask your label to participate. What does it mean to me? It means that as a brand, we are doing something right. It’s also a springboard into marketing to a larger audience. A chance to expand our reach. We’ve enjoyed underground success with DollsKills, InkedMag and Rebel Circus. This will be our grounds to approach a larger mainstream audience.

Charlie Price x Femme Fatale Intimates

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303: What does Denver Fashion Week mean to you?

Angel Macauley (Femme Fatale Intimates): Being a part of Denver Fashion Week has always been such an honor. Being a boutique designer in the show shows me that DFW not only believes in my store but my choices in styling. I love being able to express myself and allow myself to think out of the norm and into this fantasy of fashion.

303: Can you describe the designs you’re bringing to DFW this year?

AM: This season I am extra excited to be collaborating with Charlie Price. Adding a new flavor to the show this year by adding dancers to the segment. I’m inspired by old Fosse choreography, style and vintage to modern looks.

303: Which of your designs or styles are you most excited for people to see at DFW?

AM: The most exciting to see has to be the dance team and the models on one stage. My styling will be modern, bondage, sexy styles and all will be amazing to see. Including my plus-size model, all will be styled to perfection.

Joe Denny x Rachel Marie Hurst photography by Annelise Blackwood.

Swank x Idiot Cult photography provided by Adriana Michima and Jonny Edward.

Charlie Price x Femme Fatale intimates photography provided by Angel Macauley

Beauty Underground x Tyne Hall photography provided by Tyne Hall.