Show You Should Know – Magic Beans Will Rock the Voodoo Masquerager

Grab your favorite masquerade mask and join the rager this coming Saturday. The Magic Beans with Tnertle is a Denver music fan’s dream, and the two are linking up for an epic performance at Summit Music Hall on October 26 to get the Halloween celebrations early. With The Magic Beans’ jam and Tnertle’s electro-funk, all of the bases are covered at this show. Mix in other supporting act Frog Legs from Minneapolis and Summit Music Hall’s revamped aesthetics and Saturday is sure to be one of the best local performances of the year.

The Magic Beans and Tnertle each have music out this year, with the Beans’ new album Off Leash and Tnertle’s new single, The Last Sunset. The two bands are known for eccentric and rowdy live performances, so they are sure to burn down Summit with their new tunes in the name of Halloween. This is something we can all get on board with — especially when costumes are involved.

All the way back in 2012, Trent Campbell and Kyle Ayervais started Tnertle and one of Denver’s most cherished acts was born. Over the years, the group has expanded and now boasts five other musicians. The lineup now includes Leah Concialdi on saxophone, Alice Hansen on trumpet, Jon Kenney on the trombone, Ty Hughes on guitar, and Ray Salazar on the MC. In addition to their full sound, the band is also deeply committed to showcasing fellow artists in their live shows. They bend genres and infuse traces of rock, hip hop, funk, reggae and more — mixing together to influence an epic dance party. 

For almost ten years, The Magic Beans have rocked the Denver music scene and they just keep getting better with time. After their origination in Boulder, they have made a name for themselves on the national stage by proving their ability to engage audiences of all kinds — from intimate venues to festival crowds. In fact, they even have their own festival, Beanstalk Music Festival, which is held in Rancho Del Rio, CO every June since 2013. The band consists of Scott Hachey on electric and acoustic guitar, Chris Duffy on bass, Casey Russell on keys and synth and Cody Wales on the Drums. 

The band made their Red Rocks debut earlier this spring opening for Lotus prior to releasing their newest album, Off Leash. The album serves as proof that the group is testing their boundaries by morphing genres and moving forward with new techniques. The musicians took a different approach to the recording process, which allowed them to experiment outside of the usual restraints of creativity that go into the production process. As a result, the album proves their growth and development and indicates they will continue in a positive direction.

The Masquerager will be the go-to event for all of Denver’s jam freaks, and all three bands will be on their spookiest vibes. It is time to finalize your costume and make sure to incorporate your dancing shoes. 

The show is on Saturday, October 26 at Summit Music Hall. Tickets can be found here. Listen to The Magic Beans and Tnertle‘s music before the show to get down properly.