Show You Should Know – Polo & Pan Bring Jet-Setting Electro-Pop To the Ogden

Polo & Pan

France has a long legacy of cutting-edge electronic music. Some would even dare say, next to Detroit, France has been just as synonymous with growth and trend-setting within the genre. Harboring the likes of Daft Punk, Justice, Jean-Michel Jarre and Gesaffelstein amongst others, France has popped out iconic electronic upstarts as if the country itself was wired to a KORG analog synthesizer and drum machine playing at 130 beats per minute — there must be something in the Seine. Emerging jet-setting electro-pop group Polo & Pan appear to be the next outfit to carry the torch, amassing a dedicated following amidst their exotic dancefloor odysseys that traverse language and imagination itself.

The duo, comprised of DJ Polocorp (Paul Armand-Delille) and Peter Pan (Alexandre Grynszpan), both coming together from notable solo projects, joined forces as Polo & Pan after finding themselves crossing paths at Parsian club, Le Baron. The resulting sound feels as at odds as a sound could ever be on paper, but the unlikely marriage of vintage-sounding French and Spanish samples, LCD Soundsystem-flavored synthesizers, occasional oddities like Pygmi flutes and fluttering Spanish guitar runs against thumping basslines, makes for one hell of a winning combination. Their debut project, 2017’s Caravelle, was a slow-burning success that led to the group being booked at festivals around the country, from Coachella to the upcoming Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, and launching an extensive North American tour in the process, which will make a highly-anticipated stop at the Ogden Theatre on September 19.

The duo’s floral dance floor foray is best witnessed on tracks like “Zoom Zoom” and “Naña.” The former, a sun-soaked terrace visage of a track, undulates with smooth guitar strokes against a backdrop of handclaps and spacey synths, while the latter bolsters a beefy bassline that chops and stutters the vocal sample into a percussive element of its own. The music settles halfway between an Ipanema beach party and a cruise down the Mediterranean coast — high brow electronica at its upper-crust finest.

Fret not, however, as when the duo performs live, the white gloves come off and it’s off to the races, as their music has a tendency to muck up its reservations and send the dancefloor spiraling into a hypnotic soirée. So, save the siesta for some other time, as you’ll be breaking a sweat come Thursday’s show.

Polo & Pan will perform at the Ogden Theatre (935 E Colfax Ave, Denver, 80218) Thursday, September 19 as part of the Caravelle World Tour. Tickets for the performance are still available via ) AXS.

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