First Look – “Spirit/Envy” Is Jay Marz’s Ode To The Inner Child

If music acts as an eye into the innermost core of an artist, then Jay Marz’s technicolor view is filtered through a kaleidoscope. Marz has given Denver glimpses into his psyche for some time, but this is his first solo endeavor since he relocated to the Mile High from Detroit just a few years ago. Marz’s debut single follows the disbanding of his prior band, King Eddie. If it’s any sign of what’s to come, then local synth-pop fans should be excited about this new addition to the scene.

The song and accompanying video, perfectly capture the carefree nature of being a child in the heat of the summer. The psychedelic video, which features Marz’s daughter, follows the pair as they revel in the summer sun. “‘Spirit/Envy’ is a song I wrote for my daughter,” said Marz in an interview with 303 Magazine, “which I’ve discovered is a mirror to my own inner artist child.”

More than just exploring his inner child, Marz also used “Spirit/Envy” as a way to explore his experience as a musician and artist. Following the dissolution of King Eddie, Marz wanted to know exactly what the process of creating music meant to him. “I started writing the lyrics during my separation from my daughter’s mother,” said Marz. “It was during that time I disbanded King Eddie. I was ready to tear it all down – I just knew that the project didn’t feel right, the relationship wasn’t right. I wanted to just totally remake my life in the best possible image and follow wherever it led me. I like singing it because it’s a reminder. ‘I know, I’ve gotta pick a lane here. Think about the Spirit, more spirit than envy.”

In terms of production, the video stays true to the style of Moon Magnet, a local music collective that Marz has been involved with since he met Reed Fox of déCollage. Directed by Juli Williams, the production of the video focused on the inner child as a representation of the role creation and exploration plays in the lives of any artist. “We wanted to get some shots of Jette, my daughter, on the rides,” said Marz. “She is really a stand-in for any artist. They are really sensitive people, no matter how many walls or defenses we throw up. There is a little one in there somewhere.

Though summer may be coming to an end, the child that lives within all of us is alive and well – and no one knows this better than Marz. His debut video as a solo musician in the local scene will be followed by a live performance from Marz, alongside other noteworthy local artists including Eme Patterson – who Marz heralds as one of his favorite Denver musicians.

Jay Marz will celebrate the video premiere of “Spirit/Envy” with a live show, alongside Art D’Ecco Esme Patterson on September 18 at the Hi-Dive. Tickets are available here.