A New Cookie Shop in Colorado Lets You Choose The Week’s Flavors on Instagram

With one swift tug on the front door, a warm breeze of vanilla and sugar will caress your nose the second you walk inside this new cookie shop in Thornton. Here at Crumbl, the smell of freshly baked cookies and sweet icing is inescapable and irresistible.

The youthful and trendy cookie shop was plucked straight out of a Los Angeles Instagram post and placed in the hands of sweet-toothed Coloradans — in a very literal way.

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This location is the first of many to come in Colorado. In 2017, the original Crumbl Cookies opened in Logan, Utah and since then have expanded to six different states with over 36 locations. After finding success with this location in the beginning of 2019, cities like Boulder, Brighton and Castle Rock are on the horizon for future shops.

Crumbl is a simple grab and go style shop with packaging that has just as much style as the desserts. Within seconds of an order, each seasonal flavor is placed in a cute pink box and ready to go. The future of cookie shops are here and it has manifested itself into a trendy and social media-driven bakery. The cookie flavors are selected weekly by fan-favorite suggestions and announced through Instagram — putting a young and fresh face on an otherwise grandmotherly dessert.

Luckily, the menu hasn’t become so out of the box trendy that it leaves out classic flavors like warm chocolate chip and chilled sugar. These two flavors remain the only constants while other cookies rotate weekly. In fact, no matter how outlandish and crazy the new flavors get, the traditional chocolate chip remains this shop’s best seller.

Just like any other trend, cookie flavors come and go over a week’s time. Some more notable cookie appearances have been brownie s’more, birthday cake, cheesecake and an Eggo waffle cookie drizzled with syrup and a butter pat shaped chunk of icing. Because this shop is so customer-driven, any extremely popular dough is never gone for good. Through different Instagram polls, any favorite can be requested and added to the cookie calendar for another spot in the lineup.

These high-quality gourmet cookies are offered in three different sizes. A single order is $3.28, the box of four is $10.98 and a party box of 12 is $27.98.

Crumbl is a popular sweet spot in its community especially among young adults and teens in the area. Not only is it open till midnight for those late-night sweet tooth cravings, but it’s also is open till midnight for delivery as well. Any serious cookie lover that lives within a three-mile radius has the ability to summon delicious treats with a tap of a finger.

Be sure to check out the rotational cookies online before stopping by and ordering a party box for yourself— or for the next office meeting.

Crumbl Cookies is located at 14332 Lincoln St., Thornton. Crumbl is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to Midnight.

All Photography by Amanda Piela