New Colorado Music You Should Know – August Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

With the Underground Music Showcase taking over the city in late July, this month is all about giving praise to Denver’s local music scene. This edition of New Colorado Music You Should Know is no exception. Brand new artistic endeavors are blooming in every genre and the result is a garden of equally beautiful and exotic creations for the listener to enjoy.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Whiskey Autumn

Listen if you like Passion Pit

Contrary to their name, Whiskey Autumn’s remix album Moderned Out is the ultimate summer compilation. Their latest release is a collection of remixes from their album Modern Doubt. The indie-pop duo comprised of Greg Laut and Jason Paton is quickly gaining momentum for their nostalgic-inducing dance beats that produce an inspiring awareness throughout the day.

Plain Faraday

Listen if you like Hozier

Plain Faraday is a family affair. What started as the father-son-duo Caleb and Rob Sanders has now expanded to include cellist Katie Burns, percussionist Ezra Bram and drummer Miles Jenkins. Although not all related by blood, the group harmonizes beautifully to create the raw emotion listeners crave from an authentic folk band.


Listen if you like J Dilla

Smirk is a beat-guided journey lead by Luke Maxson, Alex Goldberg and Ryan Bannigan. Smirk’s style pulls from a nuanced jazz approach while incorporating modern hip-hop beats for an engaging yet easy-listening experience.

Princess Dewclaw

Listen if you like The B-52’s

Princess Dewclaw, a four-piece hodgepodge of punk, synth and metal is leaving their mark on Denver’s underground music scene. Far from typical submissive princess behavior, Princess Dewclaw is rewriting the rulebook by unapologetically speaking their mind and providing equally as powerful instrumentals to back.


Listen if you like Crumb

While still in their infancy, xOxford came out swinging with their latest release, “Mezcal.” The synth-pop duo creates a dreamy listening landscape with sharp lyrics and a grudge edge for a unique addition to the rapidly growing synth resurgence.

Five New Local Songs

Reed Fox – “Nebulance” ft. Sidy Baco

Listen if you like SBTRKT

Reed Fox bleeds a Studio 54 ambiance throughout his artistic endeavors. His visual style equally as unique and genius as his musical work, Reed Fox is a rare and precious creation born from uninhibited creativity and imagination.

GRiZ – “No Bad Trips”

Listen if you like Big Gigantic

Since making the Mile High City his new hometown, GRiZ has wasted no time doing what he does best. In addition to his latest 3-track release, GRiZ has thrown numerous free pop-up concerts across Denver, spreading his good vibes and heavy-hitting tracks throughout the city.

Feedbach – “All the Time” ft. Kayla Rae & DNA Picasso

Listen if you like Childish Gambino

For the first time ever, the three Denver powerhouses Feedbach, Kayla Rae and DNA Picasso collaborated for the brainchild, “All the Time.” A perfect blend of Kayla Rae’s sultry vocals, Feedbach’s vibin’ beats and DNA Picasso’s lyrical genius, “All the Time” is the song of the summer you can leave on repeat.

Flyin’ Hot Saucers – “Stargazer”

Listen if you like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

No spaceship required, Flyin’ Hot Saucers’ latest release “Stargazer” will take you on a psychedelic journey through outer space. Let the melodic, introspective vocals carry you through ’70s inspired strings for a mind-altering journey safe for any time of the day.

The Burroughs – “The Slip”

Listen if you like James Brown

“The Slip” is a two-part release from the retro-soaked eight-piece group from Greeley — The Burroughs. A perfect Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack — “The Slip” and “Forever in Love” are a funk-focused, witty complimentary pair of tracks that are like nothing you’ve ever heard in decades.

Five New Local Music Videos

Brizzy Kerrick – “Away”

Listen if you like SZA

Brizzy Kerrick’s “Away” is packed with the truth. Speaking her mind in a way that’s undeniably honest yet sympathetic, Kerrick highlights the beauty in everyone while reminding those who “stay the same” to reevaluate their rigid thought patterns.

DNA Picasso – “Trouble”

Listen if you like Offset

DNA Picasso is wasting no time this summer. Back with a music video for “Trouble,” the Denver rapper keeps the focus on the lyrics and opts for glitchy visuals that match the dynamic vocal delivery of “Trouble.”

Kyle Emerson – “I Can Change”

Listen if you like The Killers

Kyle Emerson’s music video for “I Can Change” is a collage of visually relevant images and clips that unite to create a charming storyboard for the single. With a touch of kaleidoscopic bites, “I Can Change” flows between a surreal imaginative world and reality.

Kayla Marque – “Fold in Half”

Listen if you like Solange

Kayla Marque’s “Fold in Half” is packed with organic emotion straight from the start. Marque delivers a powerful message from her heart and surrounds her song with equally as moving visuals, proving yet again her artistic abilities have no bounds.

The Regular – “What I Had”

Listen if you like Of Monsters and Men

The Regular scraps the intricate visual plot for a stripped-down video of their latest single, “What I Had.” Focusing on the natural beauty of creating music — the music video showcases each artist doing what they do best — creating from the soul.

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