Beauty & Beast Fashion House Adds a Unique Twist to the Denver Scene

Blending the unique styles of two vastly different cities is not an easy task to take on. Dani Love took on the insurmountable endeavor of finding a way to flawlessly mix Denver’s urban casual style with Miami’s suave and sexy feel. Being from Miami, she utilized her deep understanding of the culture and style and translated it to create a completely fresh new take on the fashion scene in Denver.

Beauty & Beast fashion house opened on July 27 in the heart of downtown Denver as a one-stop-shop. Drawing from Miami’s sophisticated nightlife scene, one can find bandage dresses, geometric cut-out leggings and buckle skirts for women. Men aren’t an afterthought of the fashion house either. Suit sets, chinos and funky-printed tops line the walls of the shop. This eclectic space also features a salon, esthetician, tailoring service, bar and patio area. To top it off, Beauty & Beast hosts a series of events specific to swanky themes like “Body Bandage and Bubbles” and “Mimosas, Mannequins and a Miami Brunch.”

303 Magazine: You’re originally from Miami, how do you think that has influenced your taste in clothing and fashion-oriented entrepreneurial mindset? 

Dani Love: I spent the last 14 years in Miami and love the vibrancy of the city. Culture, sophistication, people, sounds, sex appeal, colors and the movement. Miami is loud, proud and very much about standing out. I would describe my label luxe as the same. It’s a label that is high fashion but doesn’t take you too far off the ledge.

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 20 years old. I always chose the more practical businesses but fashion has always been deeply rooted in my heart. Last year, I decided that I would sell my successful insurance agency and give something to people who share the same passion for fashion — something that was very much needed in Denver. There is no shortage of “Boho-chic” boutique shops in Denver.

303: Owned and operated by you, Denver’s newest fashion house — Beauty & Beast — just opened up. What inspired the space? What separates it from other retail locations?

DL: There is nothing like this in Denver. Department and clothing stores are going out of business left and right, so I knew Beauty & Beast would have to stand out. I had to create an experience for those who speak the same language.

Beauty & Beast is a one-stop-shop. Not only is it retail for both men and women but it’s a beautiful Miami-inspired entertainment space where we host events. We also have an esthetician/makeup room and salon upstairs, glam squad services, styling, rentals, a bar and lounge, tropical cafe patio, alterations and shoe repair and we serve complimentary champagne and cafecitos (Cuban coffee) as you shop. We also want to be very much involved in the fashion community and support local designers.

303: What did you find the Denver fashion scene was missing when you created the concept?

DL: Sazon. You know those Goya seasoning packets? It means “seasoning” in Spanish. Flavor! I wanted to shake and sex things up a bit.

303: You are very vocal about struggles online — what is one piece of advice you can offer to deal with seemingly insurmountable struggles?

DL:  I believe some of the issues I faced were due to a lack of time. I presently have two online websites and also ran three other companies. I have been in a place of transition selling and moving into new industries. When you have too much on your plate, something will suffer. To be successful online you have to dedicate a lot of time and money into constantly posting content on social media. I hope to get better at this as one of the largest businesses I owned was sold.

303: How do you plan to radicalize the fashion scene in Denver?

DL: I hope one way I can do this is through my styling services. Styling and closet overhauls are where I excel. There are so many people who just do not know how to dress their body type, don’t understand trends or how to piece things together.

Most of my clients have the desire to be more fashionable but don’t believe they can. I hear it all the time. I will bring an outfit to a client’s home and they look at me crazy and say, “I can’t wear that. I’m not cool enough.” Or, “I am too old.” They put it on and you see a face that was in disbelief turn into pure shock and amazement. They can’t believe how great they look and feel. I want to help people think differently about confidence and self-expression and to be bold about it.

303: What can one expect when visiting Beauty & Beast? Do you carry a curated and specific style or is it a mix of different things?

DL: Most pieces are exclusive to my brand, LUXE. You will find a wide range of eclectic pieces. Funky denim, retro menswear, sexy women’s night on the town pieces, career, stylish casual, romantic items and styles that represent the fashion of Miami and Denver. Beauty & Beast is “where 305 meets 303.” I do carry some other fashion labels and some high-end designers. Beauty & Beast definitely has the largest selection of bandage dresses.

303: There seems to be some exciting and unique events — like cigars and ties or shopping and mimosas — planned for the future. Can you tell us a little bit more about these?

DL: The goal is to consistently do out-of-the-box events. We have an event called “Mo’heat’jos and Stilettos” coming up, a night of Caribbean and Latin style music, entertainment and dancing and a singles event coming up called “Fashionably Available.” Beauty & Beast has a VIP program and we cater special events to these members such as cigars and ties. This is a special night for our male VIP members who can come smoke cigars out on our patio, drink scotch and shop for pieces at a discounted rate specifically for them. We also give them a complimentary tie.

303: What do you envision for the future of the fashion house? What is a goal you want to reach?

DL: I would love to see it grow and be successful. I want it to be a household name in Denver. I eventually would love to give back to the fashion community by offering design workshops and a platform for designers to showcase their work.

All photography by Lauren Magin.

Location provided by Beauty & Beast Fashion House.