Denver’s temperatures have been hitting their peaks, which tells us it is undeniably cold brew season. Whether you’re a fiend for nitro, flash brew, or good old fashioned cold brew, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list for our favorite places for cold brew so you can satisfy your cravings on the hottest of days.

Novo Coffee

Photo by Karson Hallaway.

Where: 1700 E. 6th Ave., Denver, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: If you’ve lived in Denver for any amount of time, or even visited for that matter, you know that Novo is a Mile High classic. With several locations and its own roasting facility, the iconic cafe can be found all over the city. Started in 2002, Novo was one of the first to innovate when it came to cold brew by serving up a version from a nitro-tap — which gives the coffee a smooth and slightly frothy texture. They even pre-chill the glass for the best experience — a common practice at the well-loved shop.

Blue Sparrow Coffee

Via Blue Sparrow Coffee.

Where: 3070 Blake St. Unit 180, Denver, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: If you want it cold, Blue Sparrow’s got it. This shop has just about every variation of cold brew you could imagine. All on tap, Blue Sparrow has nitro, CBD nitro, cold brew iced tea and Japanese iced coffee. Blue Sparrow is always changing, so the taste of your cold brew is, too. It features coffee from a new part of the globe each week. On the first of the month, you may be tasting something from Germany, and the next week you could be trying something from the East Coast. Blue Sparrow does keep Sträva Craft Coffee as a constant when it comes to its CBD-infused beans, so you’re go-to hangover cure is always an option.

Link Coffee Bar

Photo by Karson Hallaway.

Where: 1100 E. 17th Ave., Denver, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: At Link, you’ll have your choice of flash or nitro at the counter. Flash-brew is made by brewing coffee hot, then quickly cooling it over ice. The biggest benefit to this method is the ability to pick out distinct flavors more easily than other types of brewing. The shop is spacious, and even more so given its large patio area. It’s pet-friendly, so don’t be afraid to bring along a furry friend. The owners, Cabal and Emily Yarne, are frequently working and love telling their story to customers. They, with the help of family and friends, constructed gorgeous wooden benches, tables, countertops and shelves in their own backyard to furnish the cafe.

Weathervane Cafe

Photo by Karson Hallaway.

Where: 1725 E. 17th Ave., Denver, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: It’s hard to not be charmed by Weathervane. It’s nestled within a historic carriage house, unsurprisingly, as it immediately feels like home when you walk in.  They serve the cold brew in a mason jar, then the barista will hand over a jug of your choice of milk to ensure you get ideal proportions in your glass. Weathervane is an outlet to get in touch with your creative side with its unique decor and motivational signs, such as “Take it easy, but take it.” The multilevel home provides seating for every type of person, whether you’re coming to socialize or to work on a project.

Corvus Coffee Roasters

Photo by Brittany Werges

Where: 4925 S. Newport St., Denver, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: Corvus has two cafes, but we love their DTC location because of their Japanese Kyoto cold brew system. If you’re not familiar with this method, the practice uses a glass tower to slowly extract the coffee over the course of many hours. This results in a smoother and bitter free cup that’s well worth the wait. Overall Corvus’s brewing requires extensive planning and training and the shop works with farmers directly to guarantee quality.

Carbon Café and Bar

Carbon Cafe

Photo Courtesy of Carbon Cafe

Where: 1553 Platte St., Denver, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: With its large-scale food and bar menu, you might not think of coffee when you think of Carbon. But trying their CBD cold brew might change that. As one of the first cafes to combine the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative with cold brew, the resulting drink helps curb any caffeine jitters (and is a really good hangover cure). Their cold brew is also deliciously smooth, creamy and has a hint of chocolate — making it deserving of its spot on this list, CBD or not.

Logan House Coffee Company

Logan House Coffee photo by Brittany Werges.

Where: 2501 Dallas St., Aurora, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: Logan House is at the entrance of Stanley Marketplace, making it a great pit stop before browsing the shops and boutiques. It also has a large patio where you can sip your cold brew and spectate the quiet chaos emerging from within Stanley. They source their beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Brazil, working together for a smooth taste. Logan House makes its cold brew in 150-gallon batches steeped for 18 hours. You’ll have your choice of regular cold brew or nitro — we recommend the nitro cold brew if you prefer a creamier, more subtle taste. But if you like your coffee bold, try their classic cold brew for a deeply rich flavor that is far from watery. Additionally, Logan House sources sustainably, and that is definitely a cause we can feel good about supporting.

Jubilee Roasting Company

Photo courtesy of Jubilee Roasting Company on Facebook.

Where: 1452 Kenton St., Aurora, Check out all they have to offer here.

The Lowdown: Rooted in the words emancipation, restoration and celebration, Jubilee sticks to this with its “Day of Jubilee.” On the first Friday of every month, you can stop in for free coffee all day long. Jubilee aims to create a community, and what better way to do so than getting a group of people together to enjoy free drinks? The free coffee doesn’t stop at drip, either; you can even try their Kyoto cold brew for free.

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