303 Style Profile – Fierce Denver Fashion Icon, Alicia Myers

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Alicia Myers wields her passion, creativity and skills to lead the modeling industry here in The Mile High City. From a young age, Myers was inspired to pursue a future in this industry when she first modeled at her grandma’s church as a child. However, modeling did not become a career interest for Myers until she was around 27 years old. “My best friend Shanáya Braxton suggested that we attend a model casting — I have not looked back since,” explained Myers.

Myers is delighted to be involved with the developing fashion scene in Denver as it continues to grow and expand.

What I love about the Denver fashion scene is that it’s emerging, which allows people to establish a true mark in the industry. Colorado is becoming more populated, and its fashion scene is growing at a rapid rate as interest continues to increase,” explained Myers. “Being part of this new fashion scene excites me and motivates me to create not only myself but others as well.

We caught up with Myers to learn how her dedication and originality motivate her to drive herself and others on her journey.

Myers in crosswalk

303 Magazine: First, tell us a little about yourself 

Alicia Myers: I am a wife to Corey Myers and mother of three amazing children. I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a business management degree and played collegiate basketball while I attended. I’m currently an investigative analyst at the Western Union headquarters. When I’m not there or modeling, my kids keep me busy.

303: At what age did you get into modeling? What inspired you to get into the modeling industry? 

AM: As cliché as it sounds, Tyra Banks inspired me to get into modeling. I never missed an episode of America’s Next Top Model, and I found myself soaking in the tips she gave everyone. Tyra inspired me because she redefined the standards of beauty, and she did it unapologetically. She made it possible for the little black tomboy to feel beautiful. In addition, she made it possible for the woman with stretch marks who isn’t a size zero to be accepted in the modeling industry. Through her journey, I have been inspired to inspire.

303: How would you describe your personal style? What or who inspires it?

AM: My personal style is “spicy” from what people tell me. The mix of colors and patterns is something I love and I’m never afraid to dress outside the box. I would describe my style as trend-setting with a mix of chic and street style. I gain major inspiration from growing up in California. Moreover, three designers who have heavily influenced my style are Moschino, Betsey Johnson and Balmain. I love the drama in their pieces by use of combined colors, oversized textures and cohesive aesthetics.

Myers red jacket

303: What do you love about what you do?

AM: I love motivating others. That is single-handedly the main aspect of what I do that makes my heart beat. The way I see it, everyone has a story, and everyone deserves to dream. If my modeling inspires others to pursue their dreams, then I feel I have done my job. The only way I can keep inspiring is to consistently progress in my passion and continue to create. I genuinely enjoy meeting other creatives with positive vibes and putting teams together of people who may have not otherwise worked together. Witnessing the happiness on people’s faces after a successful production and seeing them gain confidence during the process is truly a beautiful thing.

303: What local designers have you worked with? What was the experience like? 

AM: I have worked with many local designers. MENEZ, Infatué, Topping Designs, GoldenDiva Designs, Mirtha Boles, Dacy Luneburg and A Vintage Frame of Mind are a few of them. Each designer has so much to offer and their creations are like none other I have seen — I love that. I have built unique relationships with every designer I’ve worked with, and I am excited to see them all flourish. Each designer has a specific aesthetic and visual idea of how they want their pieces represented. It’s been a blast adapting to each of them.

303: Do you have any projects you are working on? Future projects? What can you tell us about these?

AM: I’m currently working on a few projects. While I can’t spill all the details, I can tell you that one involves six models, three MUAs, three hair stylists, one videographer, two designers, one SFX artist and one photographer. This is a project I’ve been organizing since October of 2018, and it is coming to fruition in t-minus 12 days. Stay tuned!

Myers sequins

303: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years? What are your goals/aspirations? 

AM: I see myself owning an eclectic modeling agency. My husband and I have a knack for spotting raw talent in people who may not necessarily feel that way about themselves. As we continue to create and collaborate with others, we hope to gain the notoriety necessary to prevail in the next step of our journey.

As far as my short-term goals, I plan to perfect my craft so that I can teach from experience. I want to be a pioneer in this industry. The ultimate satisfaction would be seeing all the people I’ve worked with over the years become successful beyond their wildest dreams and furthermore, gain the confidence in themselves that I’ve always had in them. I want to break all the molds previously established by other fashion industries by showcasing the most eclectic models and productions.

303: What else do you want the Denver community to know about you? 

AM: I honestly want the Denver community to know that I’m here for them. I’m a friendly networker who loves to empower people. I’ve worked with a lot of people and plan to continue doing so. This also includes new people who might be interested. I will be relentless in the pursuit of my dreams so don’t be afraid to join me on my journey.

Myers gold boots

All photography by Danielle Webster.

Striped two-piece jumpsuit by Haute Luxe.

Red jacket by Infatue.

Makeup by Bree Alexander.

Hair by Alicia Myers.

White Boots by Rue 21.

Gold boots by Chase and Chloe.

Black skirt by H&M.

Agency nxt|MODEL.