Veganizer Denver and VegFest Colorado have teamed up to host Denver Vegan Restaurant and Food Truck Week. The week starts on May 13 and will go until May 19 and features special menus from local restaurants and food trucks serving up their best plant-based creations. If you think eating vegan is bland or boring, this week will make you think twice.

Bang Up to the Elephant. Photo by Amanda Piela.

Throughout the week you can have a chance to explore a ton of different vegan options from 36 participating restaurants and food trucks including Bang Up to the Elephant, Wong Way Veg, The Corner Beet and Clean Juice. Check here for the full list of all of the restaurants and food trucks involved. Some of the dishes to look forward to are plant-based burgers, pizzas without animal products, “wings” made with cauliflower or seitan, tacos, smoothie bowls and juices.

Veganizer Denver is a new concept in Colorado that has hosted vegan pop-ups in places such as New York City, Portland and Austin and is now taking Denver by storm. Veganizer Denver makes an effort to work with restaurants to create vegan pop-up events that bridge the gaps between vegan and non-vegan eaters. These pop-ups promote fresh and healthy eating while giving the communities a chance to try new and delightful creations.

Photo Courtesy of Clean Juice (Cherry Creek) on Facebook

So if you love your vegetables and plant-based foods, all you have to do is stop by any of the participating restaurants throughout the week and mention Denver Vegan Restaurant and Food Truck Week and dig into the plant-centric bites.

Also later this summer you can party at the VegFest Colorado Festival. The festival celebrates all things vegan and plant-based with a two-day event that starts on July 27. The event helps educate the community about the vegan lifestyle and will host a myriad of amazing fresh produce vendors.

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