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From butterfly clips to Filas, some of the best trends from the ’90s have popped back up on our radar and into our closets. The latest is a collision of bold and bright swirling patterns, pastel colors and acid wash denim inspired by pop culture classics like Sweet Valley High and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Fashion titans like Gucci, Stella McCartney and Moschino are all offering their take on the nostalgic trend, making us stand up and take notice. We recently teamed up with local thrifters and thrift shops to guide you through how to embrace this trend without creating some Beverly Hills 90210-sized debt to go along with it.

Sweet Valley High Class of ’19

On Noah Leachman, yellow crewneck $11.50, Buffalo Exchange, printed pastel shorts, Remenace VTG, price upon request. On Andrea Thrift, pastel purple pants, $10, Keds, price upon request, small framed black sunglasses $12, Buffalo Exchange. On Danshay Martinez, medium washed Levi’s, $18, Black and white Adidas price upon request, small framed black oval sunglasses $9, Buffalo Exchange.

On Jordan Wright, Nike color block crewneck, $20, pastel patterned pants, price upon request – Lexi Goes Thrifiting.

The Lowdown: Pastel colors are the perfect way to step into this early Nineties trend without feeling like you’ve gone back in time. For a more low-key outfit, you can couple pastel jeans with a white crop top and white Keds. You can also keep things a bit more subtle with pastel top, baggy jeans and black and white Adidas. If you’re feeling a bit bolder, try a pastel print bottom and pair it with a crewneck sweater with a similar color.

Can Clarissa Explain This?

On Thrift, striped hoddie, price upon request, Remenace VTG. Dark wash Lee denim shorts, $24, Lexi Goes Thrifting. Black polka dotted tights, price upon request, Poderosa AF. Yellow strapped clear backpack, price upon request, white and red Filas, price upon request, Buffalo Exchange. On Leachman, Miami Dolphin’s graphic tee, $16, Buffalo Exchange. Pink plaid pants, price upon request. On Martinez, color block Nike windbreaker, $28, Fila’s, Buffalo Exchange, Cropped stripped Guess top, $42, Acid Wash denim skirt, $22, Lexi Goes Thifting. On Wright, bicyclist hat, price upon request, Remenace VTG. Tweety love birds top, price upon request, Lexi Goes Thrifiting, White corduroy shorts, $16, Buffalo Exchange.

The Lowdown: Everyone knows the early ’90s are known for being loud and bold. If you are trying to step up your nostalgia game, try pairing graphics on bold prints, explore different textures and go with some oversized topwear. Try pairing a colorful striped shirt with your favorite denim bottom, whether that is a totally ’90s acid wash mid-length skirt or a sweet pair of vintage shorts. Accessorize the look with either a colorful windbreaker or bright colored backpack. Graphic tees are another great way to bring it back in time. Try pairing a graphic tee of your choice with printed pants or textured corduroy shorts and add a bit of flare with a ’90s bicyclist hat.

The Fresh Prince Is In

On Leachman, orange tribal print button down, price upon request. On Thrift, yellow plaid cropped off the shoulder, $21.50, dark wash overalls $16, Buffalo Exchange. On Wright, Orange stripped long sleeve, price upon request, Remenace VTG, Dark denim shorts $15, Small framed oval sunglasses, $9, Buffalo Exchange. On Martinez, yellow tribal print button up, $30, Lexi Goes Thrifting, Levi jeans $18, original Timberlands, Buffalo Exchange.

The Lowdown: Bold patterns in neutral color schemes are the perfect way to add a little something without feeling over the top. Keep it simple by wearing denim on the bottom and a pair of neutral shoes such as a pair of Timberlands or white sneakers with white scrunched-up socks. Make the top your focal point of the outfit — find a top that has a neat pattern structure such as wide vertical stripes, plaid or a tribal print.


Photography by Amanda Piela.

Makeup by Erika Duran.

Hair and Styling by Iliana Salcido.

Models Jordan Wright, Andrea Thrift, Danshay Martinez and Noah Lechman.

Models provided by Goldie Mae Productions.