Elitch Gardens has partnered with the creative arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf to present a new wild and colorful ride — the Meow Wolf Kaleidoscape, opening April 20. The ride is taking over a previous attraction — the Ghost Blasters 2 and completely redesigning the space.

Much like a kaleidoscope, the Kaleidoscape has a psychedelic vibe with bright patterns and quirky sculptures made in Santa Fe by Meow Wolf’s artists and shipped to Denver inspired by the vibrant art that Denver holds. It’s also a precursor to their forthcoming Denver location, which will be nearby Elitches at the intersection of Colfax and I-25. It’s not set to come until 2020, so this is Denver’s first real look at what to expect from Meow Wolf. 

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The ride is an interactive experience, with wild movements, sounds from out of this world and more to create a whole new experience as you haven’t seen before. It is also the first of its kind as an artist-driven ride to really take you deep into the mind of the imaginations of those who created it with fantastical creatures and other-worldly flora.

If you can’t wait for next week, there’s good news. Elitch Gardens season pass holders can ride the new attraction early on April 13 and 14. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer.

Photo Courtesy of Elitch Gardens