Tyler Aguilar, also known by his brand name Heartboy, has used his passion for art to implement himself into the fashion world. Using graphic designs and drawings of his own, Heartboy has become a clothing line featuring colorful hoodies and t-shirts for Denver locals. As a way to convey his messages and portray his art, Aguilar recently held an event at Favor by Rome Clothing this past week to display the newest Heartboy collection.

303 Magazine: Describe the brand and its style.

Tyler Aguilar: It’s a brand that inspires you to do whatever you want to do. My brand is always pushing the message to do your own thing. It’s a completely different type of fashion because it doesn’t start with fashion, it starts with art. It’s definitely influenced by my own style and it’s something I would wear. It’s like, I rather buy a t-shirt than a print. Who wouldn’t want to wear their art?

303: Tell us the process of creating one of your pieces.

TA: I’m always taking pictures, making things, drawing. What I put on a shirt could just be a sketch from my notebook. I’m not always making something but I’m always planning. The character is Heartboy and I thought it would be cool to put him on my clothing. First, I get inspired and then let it all out. After, I build my images and graphics. Then, I get a screen made and get it screen printed. I like to come up with pieces that don’t necessarily fit in with what I already know. I’m experimenting and coming up with new ideas and just new things entirely.

303: Who or what are your biggest influences?

TA: My main influences are my friends and my family. I come from a family where everyone is really into art and I was really able to find my voice in art. I saw them doing it from an early age and it sparked something in me. Other than that, I am influenced by a lot of Japanese artists and Japanese culture. People there are really good at dressing, wearing cool things and taking what they already have and making it better.

303: What do you hope for the future of Heartboy and do you hope to continue with fashion in the future?

TA: In the near future, I want to do more in-person type things. Like, more physical things, maybe a temporary storefront. I’m hoping to put it in everyone’s face more and get it off the Internet. I don’t want to get caught up on just having my things on the Internet. I hope to be a part of the fashion industry and at least have my foot in the door there. But, I’m always just going to work on whatever inspires me at the moment. If one moment streetwear and these clothes aren’t inspiring me, I’ll stop.

All Photography by Bridget Burnett